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Bryant Unlimited are now stocking B&W Outdoor.Cases for GoPro cameras & DJI OSMO X3 gimbals.
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Bryant Unlimited with Coax Connectors have developed a brand new range of 75 Ohm, 6GHz coax connectors to fit Bryant’s family of superb video cables and extend their capability to 4K Ultra HD and beyond. Building on the success of Bryant's current range of BNC connectors for High Definition Broadcast, these latest additions to the BNC family are capable of outperforming their competitors in applications up to 6GHz whilst using exactly the same tried and trusted (and probably already in the SI’s tool bag) Bryant Unlimited crimp tooling. To achieve optimum performance for 3G and 4K Ultra HD these coaxial connectors embody gold plated outer and inner contacts which offer 500 mating cycles and achieve a better than -20dB Return Loss at 6GHz, hence permitting high data signal transmission without distortion! Finished in distinctive gold and black they are available to fit all of Bryant's coax cable range from BD SD01 to BD SD11 plus they'll also fit cables from Draka, Belden, etc. Whether you are looking for 6G connectors for 4K Ultra HD, or improved performance from existing 3G systems, this new range of BNCs from Bryant Unlimited is the answer, superseding as they can Bryant Unlimited’s 50 and 75 Ohm BNC ranges already widely used in broadcast applications for the transmission of HD-SDI 1080p, SMPTE 292M & 424M standards and 3G picture quality.
STOP-PRESS: Unique at even 3G, unknown at 6Ghz but in this new range is a right angled 75 Ohm BNC jack to plug adapter version.
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New to the Bryant portfolio for IBC 2014 is the UK designed and built, 14 IEC outlet “eyePower” MDU which offers unrivalled local or remote measurement and control of mains power distribution in technical environments. Real time data extends far beyond voltage and current, delivering invaluable safety, reliability and cost management data. Users of the eyePower platform improve system uptime and can demonstrate their commitment to a safe installation by accurately measuring mains supply, connected loads and the unit’s environment. High resolution measurements are uniquely available as graphs which are better than numbers alone to illustrate problems like distorted mains waveforms or low power factors.
This is Bryant’s latest intelligent mains distribution unit, a future proof unit that represents the pinnacle of mains unit design for technical installs. In an intensive research programme Bryant identified that power consumed by equipment can be surprisingly constant while the current waveform varies dramatically due to faulty power supply components. With this unit connected to Bryant's eyePower Software, our technology highlights an outlet's unusual current waveform due to failing power supply components. For those who wanted local display of unit voltage and current, individual outlet current, various power and power factor measurements we have added an OLED display with push button driven menus. At the other extreme for those who did not want to connect RS422 data, we now offer an Ethernet data connection allowing rapid deployment, remote control and monitoring of outlet status, fuse status, voltage and current measurements over TCP. Connecting Bryant eyePower Software over RS422 or Ethernet provides our ground breaking current signature analysis for those units fitted with individual output current measurement.
The most basic unit BFU measures input current and live/neutral voltage, earth/neutral voltage and live/neutral imbalance (aka earth leakage). These are displayed on the full colour OLED display, with buttons to select parameters such as power factor, real kW and apparent kVA power. Min/max audible/visible alarms can be set using the front panel buttons. All units offer this minimum functionality.
The next unit adds BSU output relays with a basic sequence on and sequence off operated by the front panel (soft) power switch.
RFU does not have output relays but gains an external Dallas 1-Wire™ connection for environmental sensors such as temperature and humidity. This connection allows for a large numbers of sensors, allowing temperature measurements throughout an equipment rack and beyond, for example to check air conditioning or temperatures outside an OB truck. 1-Wire™ allows for GPI expansion too. Alarms for minimum and maximum voltage/current and temperatures/humidity can be set, with the user alerted via the full colour OLED display or the RS422 port using Bryant Winpower or your own control system.
RPU has everything so far with output relays, RS422, 1-Wire™. Relay sequences and timings are fully programmable like our successful Sequential Mains Units.
RFI does not have output relays, but does offer individual current measurement on its outputs. Setting alarms is simplified using Winpower over RS422, with output current alarms joining alarms for unit voltage/current and 1-Wire™ measurements.
RPI is fully loaded. The standard unit measurements and OLED display, fully programmable output relays, serial control, 1-Wire™ and individual output current.
Please Note: These units are designed for EU mains or similar, 230VAC +/-10% with neutral and earth nominally at the same potential. They are not for use on lower mains voltages, for example 100-120VAC, although custom builds are possible for larger orders. The units should never be used on rare 'balanced' mains where live and neutral are centred on earth, L/N measuring similar voltages to earth. Balanced mains requires fusing in both live and neutral distribution.

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Bryant Unlimited of London, UK manufacture SMPTE 311M, single-mode fibre optic and copper hybrid camera cable, built using Furukawa 2SM-9.2-37.5 ARIB specification cable, terminated with Lemo SMPTE 304M connectors including sleeves, dust caps and gaiters, for high definition video camera to CCU interconnect.
Lemo's range of high performance fibre optics camera connectors have been developed to meet the needs of the new generation of digital TV cameras forming the basis of the SMPTE, ARIB and EBU standards. The LEMO 3K.93C connector has been fully tested, is TUV approved and is used in international events transmissions and in applications such as the Sony BVP9500 super slow motion camera to CCU. The face of each F2 fibre contact in the connector goes through a precise, multi-stage, laboratory standard polishing process. This process achieves excellent optical clarity and alignment, thereby reducing return loss and minimizing insertion loss.
Furukawa's 2SM-9.2-37.5 cable is manufactured to the Japan based ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses) standard and differs slightly from the SMPTE-311M specification in two respects.
1. The colour code of the control lines is Red and Green (ARIB) instead of Red and Grey (SMPTE).
2. The central strain member is 1.8mm nominal O/D (ARIB) instead of 1.6mm nominal O/D (SMPTE)
However, these differences are internal to the cable, which means that Bryant camera cable assemblies manufactured using the Furukawa ARIB spec cable are fully compatible to both ARIB and SMPTE-311M standards.
In Bryant Unlimited's experience, the construction of the Furukawa ARIB optical hybrid cable ensures a very high resistance against flexure and twists and imparts a smoothness and inherent ability to overcome 'stiction'. This enables it to better withstand the rigours of cable installation on Studio floor or in Outside Broadcast field use and we recommend it for all such applications.
Bryant can not only manufacture but also rebuild most makes of SMPTE camera cables in their Croydon, UK premises; thus avoiding the costs of sending imported cables back to the USA or Asia for repair.

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Bryant Unlimited have extended their “own-brand” range of 75 Ohm digital coaxial video cables for High Definition imaging for use up to 3Gb/s - 4.5 GHz with the addition of the following new designs:
BD SD50/53             SDI Video Cables (Medium)
BD SD50F/53F        Flexible SDI Video Cables (Medium)
BD SD10/13             SDI Video Cables (Large)
BD SD10F/13F        Flexible SDI Video Cables (large)
These cost-effective, European made SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI cables are constructed with gas-injected insulation, dual braid and tape screening and LSOH or PVC jacket materials to match the dimensions and performance levels of similar offerings.
Digital video cables must be dimensionally stable because any change in the designed distance between conductors and screen will alter the capacitance — hence, the impedance and the resulting return loss. Choice of insulating material is important because in a screened video cable, the insulator is the capacitor dielectric between core and screen and, the lower the capacitance; the less time it will take a signal to reach full amplitude.
Bryant broadcast high precision video coaxes have been designed to provide maximum bandwidth, stable impedance, low attenuation and low return loss to match the best in show.
They have been independently tested to guarantee HD performance and maximum cable length at HD-SDI (1080i) and exceed 3G-SDI (1080P SMPTE424M) with added legroom.
Bryant stock matching connectors for the whole cable range.
BD SD01 coaxial cables are designed for the transmission of HDTV and Serial Digital video signals and are equivalent to Image 360 and Belden 1855.
BD SD11 coaxial cables are an excellent low loss design with superb bandwidth, low capacitance and like all Bryant’s video cables have double shielding (one foil/one tinned copper braid because braid screens are most effective below 10MHz and tape screens are most effective above this, and because digital signals include both high and low frequencies). Used in 3GHz HDTV and longer runs of Serial Digital video signals.
BD SD50 coaxial cables are of the same design and construction as SD01 and SD11 but lie between them in transmission ability.
BD SD11F and BD SD50F are flexible versions of the above with stranded centre conductors and PVC outer jackets for continuous deployment on cable reels.
Serial Digital Interconnect Standards for calculated max. cable transmission length:
SMPTE 259M (PAL, widescreen):
Maximum length = 30dB loss at half the clock frequency
Maximum length = 20dB loss at half the clock frequency
This gives one method of defining the “maximum calculated length” of cable that provides satisfactory signal transmission. As the quarter wavelength of digital video is around 1500 times smaller than analogue, reflections caused by BNC connectors in the digital chain will affect return loss and attenuation.
Return loss is not just down to cables. Impedance mismatches from unsuitable connectors and patch bays can lead to signal reflections at high frequencies, so the use of 75 Ohm BNCs is crucial and can alter manufacturer’s claimed performance distances. Cable manufacturers tend to claim distance based upon differing parameters, which means the figures are often expressed on an apples vs. pears basis.
Bryant tends not to make such statements since cables in Broadcast applications are seldom installed to their maximum claimed length. Rather, we test all manufacturers cables independently, so that we can be sure of their worth.

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Bryant Unlimited launches new 14 way rack mount eco PDU
Bryant Unlimited have launched a significant new 19” rack power product ~ an energy saving 14 way IEC power distribution unit.
Broadcast racks, IT Racks and Server farms get hot in use and will usually have adjacent aircon to cool them down to a reliable operating temperature. In these days of high energy costs and 24/7 operation, this inefficiency will raise operating costs over time.
Bryant Unlimited’s new Power Distribution Unit PDU 114PEA specifically addresses this problem, minimising operating costs by using intelligent design to reduce wasted energy within the unit itself. The PDU 114PEA features 14 IEC outlets, each with an associated bi-colour LED to show outlet status. A great many PDU products have mains LEDS using resistors to drop the mains voltage to supply the LED, throwing away 99% of the unit’s power usage as heat. In the Bryant PDU 114PEA, a bespoke power supply is used to reduce the power consumption of the LED circuit to less than 0.5W, whereas typical products fitted with mains LEDS consume 10W.
Bryant’s Technical Manager Simon Quill said “ Just about every 19” rack in broadcast, OB or general IT setups will have at least 1 PDU in it to distribute mains power.”
“Our new PDU gives so much more ‘bang for your buck’ as it sells at only around 10% more than bog standard PDUs/MDUs which do not even offer bi colour LEDS and audible alerts, let alone the power efficient design we have included.“
“It includes a custom micro-controller to measure the presence of mains voltage on each outlet and only when power is seen is the corresponding LED set to green. Each unit is fitted with a piezo sounder which can be enabled to give an audible warning when a fuse fails. The sound generated, its irritation factor and the length of time it will sound are all programmable from the front panel pre installation.”
A Neutrik powerCON inlet connector is used to give an overall current capacity of 20 Amps. A mating inlet plug is supplied. Each outlet is rated to a maximum of 10 amps, fitted with a 3.15 Amp anti-surge HRC ceramic fuses as standard.
The units use fully wired distribution, rather than a cheap PCB to avoid damage caused by high fault currents on PCB tracks. The units are available in two versions, the PDU 114PEA fitted with an on-off switch, or NDU 114PEA fitted with a neon indicator, for secure applications.
About Bryant Unlimited
Since 1982 the company has helped solve the 3 I's - Interconnection, Interface and Installation - of signal management in the Broadcast and Communication industries and has grown consistently to become the engineer's acknowledged service leader across those sectors.
The Bryant Unlimited catalogue contains 'best choice' solutions for the technical install, sourced from world leading manufacturers or designed and built in-house to solve the engineer's dilemma. Bryant facilities include modern metalwork fabrication, assembly and wiring workshops able to cope with most interface problems. As an example, Bryant Unlimited launched the first truly HDTV capable MUSA U-Link patch system, designed and built in the UK.
The company is large enough to offer the best in service and product availability whilst small enough to still pay attention to detail at the design and manufacturing level.
Relocation to new warehouse and production facilities has enabled the addition of other areas of systems integration, including lighting and sound, IT networking, A/V and electrical installs to our product portfolio.
A truly single source supplier for everything needed to get audio or professional video signals from A to B via copper or fibre cables, connectors, power units, racks, metalwork, optical fibre, media converters, cable assemblies, jackfields, patch panels, data network products, monitoring and test equipment, Bryant Unlimited is dedicated to customer requirements, despatching products daily across the UK and worldwide with full export documentation.
Contacts for further information
Simon Quill
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8404 4050
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8404 4080

Graham Tottle
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8404 4050
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8404 4080

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Opening day at IBC 2013 sees great interest in Bryant's eyePower MDU, a world beating intelligent rack power unit.

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