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Colbert + Hanks + Damon = very funny Halloween bit.

Okay. I'm back here on Google+ again--meaning that I'm actually going to start checking my newsfeed periodically. Because Facebook is just getting TOO annoying.

I didn't like that I saw "Hot and Recommended" (or "Hot and Bothered," or whatever it's called) posts in my newsfeed. But I do like that Google lets me turn that off and provides a link to the settings page to do so:

"This post is recommended on Google+. Use the slider at the top of the Google+ Explore Page to control how many of these get added here, or to turn this feature off."

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A reunion of Wells and White descendants at the Mize farm in Chelsea, at which it was suggested that we should collect photos of F. C. Wells paintings. 

Please feel free to upload reunion and painting pix here!

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"The FTC's release lists seven complaints against Facebook's allegedly deceptive privacy practices, specifically that it told users some of their personal information would be kept private, but that the site later allowed that information to become accessible."

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They can have my copy of WordPerfect when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

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Netflix has irritated me this past year, but, still, I hate to see this.

Plus: "Netflix's streaming content licensing costs will rise from $180 million in 2010 to a whopping $2 billion in 2012." Wow!

This is just a wee test of's ability to post a Google+ post to Facebook. Not sure it'll succeed. For one thing, it requires that the Google+ post be a "public" one...
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