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I'll be presenting a session on "Google Apps for School Administrators" at Google's Education On Air Conference on Wednesday, May 2, at 4pm CDT (21:00 UTC). Let me know you're interested in participating! #eduonair #gafe4admins

Find out more at eduonair
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Very interested! We are about to have a roll out of gmail in our VERY large school district!
Thanks for the interest! I will include as many of you in the hangout slots as possible, but we have limited space for participants. You can still attend all the Hangouts on Air as viewers, though. I'll keep you updated!
I am very interested to participate. Please, tell me how can I register ?
You don't really have to register. Before the end of next week, I'll look at the comments on this thread to see if I can find some people to participate in the actual hangout. Even if you don't get in the hangout, you can still watch live! Just come back here on May 2 at 4pm CDT!
I’m working on nailing down the group for the hangout, and I need your help. If you’ve expressed interest (or your want to now):
1. What interests you about this topic?
2. What do you want to learn or take away from the hangout?
3. How do you plan to contribute to the conversation?

I already have some spots reserved, but I will try to get as many of you as possible into the hangout. Even if you can’t participate directly, though, please come back on May 2 and watch live! I'll let you know as soon as possible.
1. I have been doing a series of two day workshops for administrators around North Dakota on this topic. Looking for ideas.
3. Could contribute in many areas. As mentioned above, have been doing workshops based on this topic already.
Sounds great Craig! I'll put you on the list. I'll also probably schedule a hangout sometime next week for the participants and I to all meet and talk about the session.
Jim Cox
I am interested in viewing the live feed to learn about Google Apps for Schools. How do I register?
Jim: Just come back here at 5pm EDT on May 2nd and you'll be able to see the live feed.
I'll be streaming as well. No need to join the Hangout. Thanks!
For anyone who wants to be part of the hangout May 2, I'll be holding a short hangout this afternoon at 4:30 CDT to talk about the hangout and determine who will join me in it. You do not need to come to this hangout if you are planning to watch but not participate. If you do want to participate and cannot make the hangout this afternoon, just let me know. Looking forward to seeing you there!
I can't make it but am interested!
Sounds interesting. I'd love to join!
Added you to the circle, +Laurie Yingling. I'll send out an invitation to the hangout 15-20 minutes before start time.

Still have some room if there's anyone else who wants to sit in on the hangout instead of just viewing. I'd love to hear how your school is using GAFE for administrative purposes.
+Derrick Waddell Hangout On Air will begin in less than 3 hours!

Come to +Derrick Waddell Google+ Page to view the live stream of the session. The live stream will appear as a black box with the word "Hangouts" on it (as in the screenshot of slide 5 in this document: Double click the black box to start watching the video.

We suggest you open a second tab with Derrick's Google+ page so that you can have the video on one tab and a place for comments on the other. To ask Derrick questions during the Hangout, post them into the "comments" section below the live stream. Please note you need to refresh the page manually to see new comments.
We'll be going live in about 10 minutes. See you then!
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