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Anyone else having trouble following DC news without thinking of untimely Boehners? I blame law school...

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For some reason I was reminded of this Onion article I read a while ago. Made me think of you, Pfost.

It is increasingly apparent that my kryptonite is Sofia calling me "Da-da." A time-twisting stab at the gut that turns my spine to goo. Worse still, I think she knows it...

Not really in the mood for my 3-hour practice exam today. And it's only 1/4 of the real deal.

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Ah, our fake plastic world. It wears me out.

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Just had to watch it one more time before I start the second part of my 6-hour practice test.

Four Harry Potter films have been released since Kim and I have been married. And we haven't seen one.

So this is that.
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