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looks healthy and delicious!
2 BodyRocker Meals by Claudia & Les!! Try them out!! TASTY!!

Meal 1 by Claudia:

Stuffed tomatoes with avocado (4 people)

6-8 small tomatoes
some sheets of lettuce to the sideboard
1 garlic toe
1 avocado
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
Salt, cayenne pepper

Tomatoes wash and dry spot. Cut off afterwards in each case a lid and extract the flesh. Salad clean, wash and dry shake. Garlic peel and roughly hack. Avocado halve and remove the core. Flesh from halves solve and roughly throw dice. Lemon juice and garlic add. Everything mash. With salt and cayenne pepper taste.
Avocado cream in a hose bag fill with star spout and in the tomatoes splash or with a teaspoon fill. Tomatoes on the salad sheets arrange and strew with some cayenne pepper.

Meal 2 by Les:

Merditerranean spiced grilled chicken breast
Steamed Veggies – broccoli w/ stalks, yellow squash, baby carrots, red pepper
Whole wheat pasta with fresh made pesto sauce

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Love it!
The Kansas City Public Library is designed to look like books on a shelf.
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