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Trophy Truck Unlimited production trucks with 750+ horsepower
Trophy Truck Unlimited production trucks with 750+ horsepower

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The 2016 edition of the #Baja1000 race started for the 42nd time and finished for the 24th time in Ensenada. The start line and finish line was once again be adjacent to the iconic Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center in the heart of Ensenada with the first and last several spectator-friendly miles running up and back down the Ensenada Arroyo.
The 854.50-mile course covered both sides of the peninsula and included four checkpoints and 122 viritual checkpoints. There were also a total of 14 speed zone restriction areas for a total of approximately 115 race miles.
Casey Currie finished 17th in the +Trophy Trucks class teamed up with Curt LeDuc in 23:30:22hrs
+Baja 1000 +Baja 1000 Peninsula Run +Baja Off-Road

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Graf Racing - Baja 500 2017. They qualified 4th, had a good start going yet a couple set backs cost them some time ending up 12th in #TrophyTruck class
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American super truck racing driver Robby Gordon has pleaded guilty to driving offenses after doing burnouts in a Darwin city street, a day after placing second at the V8 Supercars event in Darwin.
Gordon, 48, was fined nearly $4,000 for what he described as "putting on a show" for Darwinites on the Mitchell Street bar strip on Saturday night.
Judge Richard Coats said Gordon breached the trust of the public. "It's one of the busiest streets in Darwin, I don't believe the professional driving skills are an excuse," he said.
Gordon will have to pay $3,850 in fines and a victims' levy, and his NT license has been suspended for 12 months.
#TrophyTruck #RobbyGordon #Australia

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Toby Price just can not deny his 2-wheel background..... :) With the trophy-truck on 2 wheels during the Tatts Finke Desert Race. He posted the 7th fastest time at the prologue. Toby Price/Luke Henry (#487 Geiser 2015 Chev 6000cc) moved up from their prologue position to finish at Finke today in fifth position with a time of 1 hour 56 minutes 16.5 seconds.
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Toby Price is unable to compete in the motorcycle category of the 2017 Finke Desert Race due to injuries sustained to his leg in #TheDakarRally earlier this year.
Price still remains tied with record holder Randall Gregory for most Finke Titles won in the motorcycle category, with 5 wins under his belt.
So he got himself a Geiser Brothers built Trophy Truck to compete on 4 wheels instead. Nice ride Toby!
Image credits Toby Price @tobyprice87
+Dakar Rally Raid - Endurance Rally Racing +Trophy Trucks +Offroad Union

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Baja 500 race mile 318, leading +Trophy Trucks Andy McMillin, Robby Gordon, Justin Matney, Larry Roesler, Carlos "Apdaly" Lopez, Larry Connor, Tavo Vildosola, Cameron Steele, Mark Post, Luke McMillin, Rob MacCachren,
+Baja 500 +Desert Series +Baja Off-Road +Daorffo Ajab +Offroad Union +Offroad +Trophy Trucker +Offroad News

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Andy McMillin's Nr. 31 #TSCO #TrophyTruck at 2017 +Baja 500 in a new paint-scheme. The livery was designed with assistance of #TroyLeeDesigns.
Andy McMillin was 5th fastest at yesterdays qualifying for the #Baja500.
The race starts Saturday in Ensenada, Baja California for the motorcycles and quads at 05:30hr and approximately 10:00hr for the cars, trucks and UTV's.
The quickest vehicles are expected to complete the 513 mile race-course in 9 hours.
Image credits: Andy McMillin Instagram
+Baja Off-Road +Desert Series +Offroad Union +Knobby Tires +SpeedMex

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Trophy Truck porn at it's finest. A classic always good to watch again (and again, and again....) 2007 Laughlin Desert Challenge
+Offroad +Baja Off-Road +Offroad Union +Offroad News #TrophyTruck

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Rob MacCachren with convincing drive to earn overall Trophy Truck race victory at 31st annual San Felipe 250 #Baja250. Finishing 2nd overall in the Trophy Truck class trailing 3:55 min behind MacCachren in 4:24:11 (61.75mph) was defending race champion Billy Wilson.
Placing 3rd overall 5:36.53 behind RobMac was 2-time defending champion Carlos "Apdaly" Lopez with a time of 4:25:52 (61.36mph) in the No. 1 RPM Racing Chevy Rally Truck.
In other classes Mark Samuels, Yucca Valley, Calif. takes overall motorcycle title, Brad Wilson wins Class 1, Matlock claims overall UTV win.
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San Felipe 250 Trophy Trucks road crossing. NOT Official but by our observing the finish looks like Rob MacCachren first, Carlos "Apdaly" Lopez second, B.J. Baldwin third, Cameron Steele fourth #SF250 #SanFelipe250 #Baja250 +Trophy Trucks +Baja Off-Road +Baja 1000 +Offroad Union +Desert Bikes +Desert Gump +Desert Series
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