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Rock 'n Roll Outlaw

Does anyone have a copy of the regular (NOT digest) sized Fantasy Wargaming? Having some trouble tracking this down.

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Adventures in the Eastmark
Complete boxed set
$25 + shipping from New Braunfels, TX

Does anyone know what the deal is with the alleged “new” version of C&S by Britannia? I vaguely remember reading something about it a couple years ago, now I can’t find anything whatsoever. They posted some stuff on drivethrurpg, but it’s all the old sourcebooks for Rebirth, which I already own.

Looking for the Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition main book & screen.

Do you guys take submissions? I have something I'm thinking of publishing.

I'm interested in getting hard copies of all the DCC adventures, starting with 66.5. Does anyone have extras they'd be willing to sell/trade?

+Richard LeBlanc I saw the two Bard classes on your blog; have you thought about whipping up a Skald variant similar to that in Castles & Crusades? Basically a fighter with some lore and charming abilities, but no spells or thief skills.

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No idea who reads this stuff (as my participation in G+ is close to nil), but had some questions about maps for sandbox hex crawls.

1) What would be the ideal "overworld" hex map size? I am debating between 6 mile hexes and 30 mile hexes. There are obviously upsides to both, but curious what the general populace thinks.

2) Is it necessary to create sub-maps of individual hexes, and if so, what would be the best ratio to use? I want to say no if using 6 mile hexes, yes if 30, but I'm not really sure.

3) How much exposition is needed, or even wanted, for hexes? I created a hex map and just wrote down a few sentences about about some of the most important things in each. Should I flesh these out more, or let the players dictate what is there? I sort of feel as if using completely random results might be more fun for them, and me.

4) Is it being lazy to specify the use of old modules (B1 & B2, specifically) in certain hexes? Or is this simply being efficient?

Thanks for any responses I get.

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