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Question for my fellow Control Wizards: Those of you in endgame, do you use repel, more specifically, do you use Repel in the dungeons? I was just told I was a noob for not using Repel and that I should have it in my Spell Mastery slot.  Im only lvl 51, so Im not endgame yet, but I havent used Repel for almost 20 levels, and even then it wasnt in my spell mastery.

My rotation is this: [Tab -> R] Chill Strike, Shield, Icy Terrain, Steal Time
my Dailies are Singularity and Ice Knife

I cycle through these [only using the sheild pulse after I dropped my singularity so it pulls them back in] and I can use my daily almost nonstop.

Ive been following this guide and it hasnt lead me wrong yet. So is the guy promoting Repel in Spell Mastery an idiot, or is there a flaw in this build?
Renegade Control Wizard Build Updates: 5-25-2013 Added in Companion Suggestions Fixed the mistake in PvP Feat Spec Listed at the end of the Guide Fixed the information about Storm Spell Class Feature I got my Castle Never Orb!
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Repel has a much greater distance so you can be in better positions for pusing ppl off things. Much more directional too so things dont bounce in an arc. :)
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Chris Osborne

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Hey guys and gals. Quick question for you, any and all input appreciated. Im going to be rolling up a tank later today and was curious if anyone had any tips on builds/rotations for leveling and dungeons. Also, any race better than others for tanking?

I dont usually go the tank route, Im more of a stand back and melt faces with a caster type, but I see sooooo many people always asking for tanks, so I figured Id give it a shot. 

Again, any and all input welcome, especially if you have links to builds or leveling guides.Thanks in advance!
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Tab chill strike, Q "force choke" E Conduit of Ice and R repel. I try and control the floor. Need to get into PVP and get slaughtered a few hundred times to get some gear
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Chris Osborne

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Bryan Viers originally shared:
for anyone who needs help here's a cheat sheet.
Google+ Cheat Sheet: Let's face it. When it comes to Google+ we're all noobs. So Simon Lausten has created this cheat sheet of helpful tips...
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imre sy
Util dar computerul meu nu gaseste pagina... De ce??
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