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After the last episode and having my Nexus 5 gradually become more and more painful to use over the last year of stock updates, I decided to finally take the plunge into ROMs with the latest nightly of LineageOS. This is fantastic! Android 7.1 is like getting a whole new phone. My battery life is better, the new display options have given me an amazing amount of screen real estate and not having all the extra stuff that Google adds is really nice. I did add the open Gapps micro package so I could use the play store and there are a few other Google things I require (authenticator, Inbox, Keep, Contacts, Calendar, Plus), but having a simple music player and no extra book readers or any other fluff I don't need is wonderful. Both my Nexus 5 and 7 have been given new leases on life and my recent growing urge to buy a new phone has been snuffed out (for the moment). 
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