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David Hoicka
Innovative Affordable Housing, Modular Housing, Economic Development, Community Development, Green and Sustainable Buildings, PMP Project Management & Finance
Innovative Affordable Housing, Modular Housing, Economic Development, Community Development, Green and Sustainable Buildings, PMP Project Management & Finance

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Hi Google+ Help

My five personal Google+ Brand pages were all simultaneously disabled without notice or explanation over a month ago.  These were simple nonprofit non-commercial blogs about tech topics like: (Data Science Machine Learning) (Urban Laboratory Smart Cities)

I sent several polite requests for help through the linked page:
For a month, no response.

Then using the "contact us" button on the same page, I sent a Chat Request Re: [9-0009000009298] Google Local Help.
The first lady responded by telephone that she and her team had never seen brand pages disabled like this before, and escalated to the "second level".

Now I got an email from "Sam L" who wrote "I will be more than happy to assist you" then told me I should raise this issue here at I am not sure why he sent me here. He gave me no explanation why ALL my brand pages were simultaneously disabled, or how to fix. No response to my subsequent email. 

This situation sounds similar to the Brand pages disabled at:
but no answer was given here.

I know no reason why Google wouldn't like my blogs such as Data Science Machine Learning, and Urban Laboratory Smart Cities, etc.
I would be grateful for assistance in resolving this.  Thank you

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What a great program! Creating simplified html web pages

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Informative NYT article describes variety of ways people make profits off the poor, including: repeat loans and serial debt; annual interest rates as high as 343 percent; payday loans; car loans where total amount paid in interest and principal for car loan of $951 is $3,093. Discusses auctioning tax lien payments with resulting multiplication of fees, charges, and equity stripping; attorney fees of $450 per hour charged to the poor.

Not only the middle class and the wealthy exploit the poor. Discusses evidence that at times the poor exploit each other. Article describes 'hierarchy of exploitation' over food stamp cards, SSI benefits, cost of food, cigarettes; evictions & homelessness.

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Great NYT article, off-grid power solutions developed for first-world computers and toys improve third-world life. Tech innovators don’t see the rural poor as a viable market. But LED technology, very efficient batteries and falling solar panel prices have suddenly allowed lights to be delivered to off-grid households at a fraction of previous costs.

The need is overwhelming. More than a quarter of the world has no electricity; about half have no piped water, 2.5 billion have no piped gas. The poor turn to substitutes that are dangerous and expensive.

Power brings more than consumption. It brings safety: people can walk at night, women no longer have to range so far to gather wood for cooking. It brings education: children can study after dark. It brings prosperity: stores can stay open longer. Producers can get the tools they need to produce more — a milk-chiller for dairy farmers, pumps to irrigate crops.

In 2009 there were some 300,000 solar lamps in use in Africa. By the end of 2012, there were 4 million, and sales are doubling each year.

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Great article about crowd-funding to provide lights and power to off-grid students and families in Africa/Asia

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From Discovery News: Why not use drones to help protect elephants from slaughter by armed gangs of poachers ...

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Building a green and sustainable house, using straw bales for insulation, covered by weatherproof plaster. Inexpensive to build, reducing energy costs.  In NYT

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Great examples of public interest designs for buildings in Rawanda and other places, in NYT
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