#RLM -MH4 - Last night proved more difficult than imagined. Getting stopped out was not the issue. Getting in seemed to be the greater issue. The #Russell finally hit the wall and stuck. Total ticks available up to 1149.60 from 1146? 3.6 points or 36 Ticks. Our quota? 10. Ticks not Points. $100 per contract (per day).

Am I saying we left 26 ticks o the table and I'm ok with that? I'm ecstatic. Every partner who took that trade, exercised discipline and patience. You're on a path that has a destination with 5 mile markers along the way. You always know exactly where you are in relation to where you should be. If you slowly slide into the ditch, your business plan and trading plan will put you back on the road headed towards your goal.

What? You skipped that step? You can't do that. You can't skip this step. If you do, you become just another statistic. You become a Subway Franchise with chairs and tables and ovens. You've got the ingredients for fresh baked bread, but you have no recipe. You've never juggled shifts to keep customer flow fluid, payroll within budget and your employees from quitting (all at once).

No worries.. it's in the manual... but where's the manual? "Anybody seen the "Payroll Structure and Employee Retention In An Economic Downturn REV. III"?

"It what? Keeps the oven level? ... cuz one legs shorter than the other?" "I see, you didn't want to bother me..."_

Manual. Plan. Important stuff. Traders have them , do you? Partners are supposed to. Do you?

Like wedding vows they don't write themselves. Couldn't I write them for you? Sure, shall I go on your honeymoon as well? This friend is as close and personal as it gets. We draw the chalk line around the body, but you have to do the work. We tell you what you need and what you don't. We separate fact from fiction. These rules are how you will run your business and your life for the next decade or longer.

The deck must be stacked in your favor. My deck must be stacked in my favor. We're all different. We use the exact same set of rules and tools on every trade,, but your plan will be different than my plan. Our goal is identical. Our methods the same, but we will arrive there at different times, in different vehicles, but as one tribe.

#6EH4 - The #Euro never climbed out of bed. No triggers yet, but both numbers are still valid.

#GCLH4 - At 01:01am MST this morning the price of #Crude crept through our entry at 100.90 and over the next 15 minutes (pull up a 1 min #CrudeChart ), continued to creep right up to last week's #WTZ 101.10/101.15. That's 20 ticks or $200 per contract, per day. However, with #Crude we only need 10 ticks to settle the books. Make the goal. Dunk it. Slam it. Shake it. Believe it. Get over it. Next? That's the attitude of a champion. The high mark of excellence. Confident, but never arrogant.

Since #Gold Bulls gained control of the market on (all Partners knew the EXACT date, time and price when it happened. https://plus.google.com/109532057484296548607/posts/16iXgxGsHpw This has nothing to do with any other method than the standard CFRN Toolset. We strictly avoid callings tops and bottoms. The bottom of this swing was 1182.30. We didn't show the Bulls firmly in control until 1120, almost 40 points later. However, the move still offered anyone long, as much of a 149 point (1,490 tick) move as they understood (David talk) and were capable of taking.

Pointing out these moves is not to distress or depress the Partner in training who continually leaves points on the table, but to encourage you with the very real opportunities that do await the properly trained trader. What good did it do many of the #MarketWizards to amass fortunes only to lose them to their temper, a tantrum, emotions spun out of control... None!

Please, write a book about me and the Zillions I made and then lost because of my ego, self loathing or some other delinquent character flaw I didn't even know I possessed (until I could afford to pay an an analyst to tell me how sick I really am). Or, leave me alone and let me trade and change the world one tick at a time. It's an option, just sayin...

#6AH4 - #AusieDollar did what we discussed can happen when you're stalking (Mike Reed talk) a big move. trading off a daily chart. With aggressive risk management, our stops went to break even at 4 ticks if just playing the number by the books. Did you? Did you wait? Will it come back? If I answered that I would be encouraging you to remain in a trade that has gone against you (that would be negligence on my part) and here you should already be out. Therefore, no comment.

#ESH4 - The #SP500 #Emini triggered at 1837, Time 01:07am MST and spent 5 minutes reaching its target @ 1839. The move stopped as it hit last weeks #WeeklyTradingZone @ 1840. We did travel sideways, dropped below the trigger and triggered again @ 2:30am EST. This time it took 18 minutes to reach its target which I mention to remind you how strongly we believe that important prices and important areas are almost always tested. Put 2 Wins in the #ES column except we only need 1. Right? The 3rd test only delivered 7 ticks. (after all, it was a holiday...) Holiday over and the S&P gives us another 2 point trade from 1837 to 1839. Officially though, that would be the 2 points for Tuesday's session so... I'm done.

#ZSH4 - #Soybeans actually took the day off. However, when they came back from President's day well rested and popped right up to our entry @ 13.46 @ 18:34pm EST and hit the 2 penny target 28 minutes later ($100 per contract, per day).

So that's how we roll on a holiday when the markets are closed. Join us tomorrow morning when everyone's playing catch up and reacting to "Fear and Greed" (Mike Reed talk). Remember, human beahior is somewhat predictable. Ask a Profiler. Is crowd behavior easier or more difficult to detect? Tune in for the answer...


Moderation in the Trading Room does NOT begin until 9:30am EST. (your speakers are fine - probably)

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