#GCLG4  - Consider being short below 98.95 or long above 99.60, whichever presents first. Remember, like #Gold, #Crude  pays $10 per tick, not $12.50. Therefore, we need 10 ticks on this one instead of 8 to meet our daily goal. Is it OK to mix and match? A few ticks of Crude and some S&P, or #Euro, or #Copper? Absolutely!

Just remember the simple rule of thumb...
$100 in 10 trades or less. 

As time progresses and you trade larger size (underwritten by profits earned in the market), there may come a day when you need 25 trades to make your $100 per contract. Is that OK? As long as you have the rollover trades to work with... absolutely.

Sounds a little hard to fathom, but I assure you... it makes perfect mathematical sense if you're on the 2 year plan. Need more info? Michael is up late taking calls.... ring him @ 949-42-EMINI or drop me a line support@cfrn.net. 

Tomorrow is the last day of our Holiday Open House

Join us... and/or invite a friend.


Password - happynewyear

Better yet, take the Free Trial http://cfrn.net/apply so you can get your hands on the controls and prove to yourself once and for all whether or not you can actually do this. I assure you, you won't find a "simpler" plan.

Trading's not easy, but it can be SIMPLE!

No CC required. http://cfrn.net/apply
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