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An android GTD application that syncs with Omnifocus (1+2) on Mac and iOS
An android GTD application that syncs with Omnifocus (1+2) on Mac and iOS

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Not too bad!

I have finished the initial prototype for the sync using the new realm-based database backend and run a performance test with a typical (not too large) test database.

* old implementation: 25s
* new implementation: 11s

Note that the download of the sync files took approx 3.5s. Thus, the effect is even more dramatic (21s vs 7s) i.e. its 3x as fast!

Next Steps
* convert more tests over to the new backend to make sure that I haven't introduced bugs
* start converting the UI to use the new database
* hook up the automatic synching to the new database (previously this was done automatically by Android)

FocusGTD Status Update
I am currently in the process of implementing the whole FocusGTD backend using a new database library (which hopefully will promise great speed improvements and simplify development which in turn should make it easier to support more complex features).
At the moment I am converting my test suite over to utilize the new database. Out of approx 100 Tests, I have successfully ported 25 or so.
This means that the basic functionality of creating tasks/projects/folders/contexts, and updating them already works.
What remains is getting the more intricate details of getting all the statistics information and inheritable fields right. Once this is roughly done I can start measuring the performance to actually see whether the new database is actually worth it.
While doing some more tests I found a few more OmniFocus Features that were currently not yet supported (did you know that you can repeat projects with sub-sub-sub-tasks which would all be duplicated once the last task of the project is complete?).
So I plan to also support those more complex features (using the old approach this would have been near impossible).
So stay tuned for more updates.

Slow initial sync times in FocusGTD?

I have been getting quite a few emails where people report that the app seems to be hung forever in "Checking Encryption keys".

I guess "forever" is a quite flexible term. However, please be aware that Omni has chosen quite strong encryption which is both time and memory hard. This means that on phones which dont make use of hardware accelerated crypto, this will lead to multiple minutes for the initial calculation of the keys.
Unfortunately this cant be helped. Android is quite bad in common crypto support, which means that different hardware vendors support different crypto algorithms in which case I have to fall back to software based algorithms (which in turn cause long decryption times).

Note that this only affects the very first sync (and every time you wipe your data). All subsequent syncs should be faster since certain bits are cached.

Starting on a new major #FocusGTD version

This is quite scary. I am planning to completely replace the database engine from sqlite based to
While this is a huge undertaking, I hope that this will bring

* easier implementation of new (and often requested) features such as sequential projects where unavailable tasks are hidden, ...
* faster synching times
* better performance

I am currently working on a very early prototype which should serve as a basis for initial performance comparisons. If they pan out, then I will continue bringing the whole test suite over to the new engine. Since I have approx 300+ synching related tests after all of them are green, I have high hopes that most of the functionality is intact.

Furthermore, all the new code is written in Kotlin, which should lead to shorter, more expressive code which is easier to maintain.

I have only just started and this will take quite some time. I haven't made up my mind whether this will still a free update or whether this is going to be a new version. I am currently leaning towards the latter, but lets see (I have been providing free updates since approx 4 years, which IMHO is quite good value for the 4€ the app costs).

Let me know what you think!

Started rollout of new #FocusGTD release

* IMPROVEMENT: reduce needed permissions
* FEATURE: quick entry widget also allows setting start(deferred) date
* FIX: fixed issue on webdav server which applies gzip compression
* IMPROVEMENT: search now also searches within notes
* FEATURE: improved sync in preparation for new omnifocus sync format (2.9)
* FIX: improve handling of dropped context
* FIX: fixed sorting of tasks when sharing from other apps

* FIX: fixed project status handling: when marking a project as complete it will also disappear from view
* FIX: overdue and flagged widget now shows tasks which are overdue OR flagged
* FIX: fixed crash when editing a task that was found via searching

* FIX: fixed issue where creating a project in focusgtd would create a parent task in omnifocus
* FEATURE: added flagged or due widget
* FIX: fixed color issue for overflow menu in project or folder view

* FEATURE: show project name in forecast view
* IMPROVEMENT: dont clear notification when clicking on the notification and persistent notifications is set
* FIX: fixed rare bug when converting a task to a project
* FIX: fixed problem when moving a sub-context back to root

FocusGTD Bugfix release

this version should fix the decryption errors that many people are seeing. Sorry for the inconvenience!

* FIX: fixed decryption issue in case you had a linked encryption passphrase

A fix for the problem is currently in testing, in the meantime you can work around the problem by using a separate encryption passphrase (which you can configure in OmniFocus Settings -> Syncronization -> Sync Details -> Encryption)
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