What the 'x' in 'xMOOC' stands for

In case you were wondering...

If anything, it stands for ‘eXtended’.
The origin of the ‘x’ is the use of ‘x’ in things like ‘TEDx’ or ‘MITx’ to indicate programs that aren’t part of the core offering, but which are in some way extensions.
I noticed this use of ‘x’ in the U.S. MOOCs, for example, ‘EdX’. So I started calling any of the MOOCs from Coursera, Udacity and EdX ‘xMOOCs’. It was only later on that I started calling the others ‘cMOOCs’.
It should be clear here that the ‘xMOOC’ sense is not of “eXtended MOOC” but rather “MOOC as eXtension of something else”.
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