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What the 'x' in 'xMOOC' stands for

In case you were wondering...

If anything, it stands for ‘eXtended’.
The origin of the ‘x’ is the use of ‘x’ in things like ‘TEDx’ or ‘MITx’ to indicate programs that aren’t part of the core offering, but which are in some way extensions.
I noticed this use of ‘x’ in the U.S. MOOCs, for example, ‘EdX’. So I started calling any of the MOOCs from Coursera, Udacity and EdX ‘xMOOCs’. It was only later on that I started calling the others ‘cMOOCs’.
It should be clear here that the ‘xMOOC’ sense is not of “eXtended MOOC” but rather “MOOC as eXtension of something else”.
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Hi Stephen,
It seems to me that you are reading my private post. I am just joking. But, in fact, more or less 3 weeks ago I asked about the meaning of that small "x" in xMOOCs and no one seemed to know an answer. Thanks for the information. :-)
Stephen - thanks for the explanation - did wonder how you came to describe it so. I had thought that the "x" stood for an unknown, you know, like in mathematics - you did not know what you were getting....
And thanks from someone who was a bible toting constructivist who has converted, at least partially, to that little "c".
I'm doing an xMOOC on Coursera at the moment. It very much has the feel of a university lecture based course, converted to an online course (recorded lectures, essay submissions, and discussion forums) then, at a later date, released [in an old fuddy duddy accent] "onto that interweb thingumy as one of those MOOCs that everyone seems to be talking about these days."
I thought perhaps the "x" could refer to "extended assessment", meaning that while the course may conclude in the formal sense of it, the work produced by the student would continue to be assessed indefinitely. This would untether the sense of termination in a course, as though the work produced by students is perpetual in a "long tail" kind of way.

As to who does the "eternal assessment", that is another more cultural question. Still, I like the idea that a paper that was well done and attracted interest could continue to be refined and influence practice.

I suppose xMOOCass would not fly very well. We'll leave it at just "x".
I found my own decision because nobody could answer the Xquestion. X is something unknown like in maths but now the unknown will be extended. .-)
I thought the "x" stands for "crossing" while we utilize MOOC's for an overarching or interdisciplinary learning. Am I right? 
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