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If anyone is hiring an optical physicist, let me know.  I'm job hunting.

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Hehe, oh, time to go looking for the Loch Ness Monster... 

I never in my life thought I'd find insurance interesting.  In fact, I always considered it to be the perfect cure for insomnia, until I met Don Davenport.  Look up his "Articles" link on his website www dot davenportagency dot com and check out the one titled "That unbelievable quote from the CEO."  Now I'm gonna have nightmares!

Sometimes life just rocks.

Ok, I thought FaceBooks's Farmville had to be the stupidest game on the planet, and I loathed all the constant requests for stuff coming out of it. Now I'm hooked on Google+'s version called Monster world, which is terribly cute, adorable, and addictive. And now the game has given me an objective to get my friends hooked on the game... Ugh...

Somehow Google+ had evaded my company's new "Monitoring your social networking" filter. Even so, I'll only visit this on my phone in the future. Just interesting...

I have just discovered Google Chrome. Dude! It IS fast!

Just saw Dream Theater in concert. Warning, strobe lights from Hell. Otherwise, they sounded better as the night went on. I wonder what it means, though, that I was a little deaf by the end of the night. Does this mean that as my hearing faded, they sounded better?
James and I think we saw a guy walking around with a portable digital mixing board, just a little larger than an iPad. That was cool! He would walk to one end, listen, fiddle, walk some more, repeat.

How much rain will we get this year? I've never wanted a draught so much!
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