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Alexandra Graddy-Reed
some people call me pumpkin...pumpkin-pants
some people call me pumpkin...pumpkin-pants

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Super Food Breakfast of Champions
{FYI this is an in-depth post about yogurt.  Yup, I'm weird, deal with it.} For always I've had a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  I love milk and cereal, so why not?  But as much as I love a bowl of crunchy cold goodness, it never filled me up for very long....

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food lately: lately probably doesn't apply anymore
Really food that has been made in 2014.  But we don't need to dwell on that. Here you go, ideas for all seasons:  Kale pesto pasta  Fresh tomato & garlic pasta (from Franny's ) Eggplant pizza with Franny's crust Tuna cake open faced sandwich  Fried PB&J wit...

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hello hello s'mores
Why yes, it's summer now.  How that happened, I have no idea.  But anyway, it is summer so it is s'more season!  And I've been all about them this year.   But sometimes you aren't by a grill (i know, that's ridiculous, it's SUMMER!) Don't despair. you can h...

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the round up
by the way, some of the random goodness that has been happening: We finally got a Chuy's !!! Seriously, I can't even explain how happy this made me -- delicious Tex-Mex finally to be had in North Carolina. I will eat all of their flour tortillas if you let ...

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better together, but a tad ridiculous
I'm talking about Mac & Cheese and Sloppy Joe's (or Jeff's in our case).  Oh yes, why not turn Sloppy Jeff's into a casserole by topping it with Mac & Cheese?   Obviously it had to be done.   This past fall was a cold one, so I was inspired to make some mor...

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cabin camping in the mountains
last weekend we went camping.  it wasn't actually camping - we rented a cabin, but I kept calling it camping, because really, for me, it's the same thing.  We got a place near blowing rock, north carolina.  Jonathan & I joined the team late on Friday due to...

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book clutch -- part 2, sort of
A while ago Ashley and I began a three-part craft to make clutches from books .  The first part went pretty smoothly but then we were put on hold by her being in DC for the summer.  Upon her return we attempted part 2, which was just to cut out the pages to...

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well, back from the break
i'm not going to even try. it's been a long time. life is busy, but good. so, here are some pictures from today! look at me being on top of it! Jonathan, Jen, Evan, and Tom all ran the Merge 25K this morning like crazy/impressive people.  Because what bette...

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mini, helps
As mentioned, I've been behind on the crafting.  But, I've managed to do some mini projects: I picked up some mini glass candle holders/planters/i-don't-know-but-they-were-cute/ things at some point and painted them using Martha's all-purpose craft paint in...

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chilly days
Spoon is having none of winter. even the mild form we've had this year.  So he's been curled up with the heated blankets: and looking pretty adorable too.  He has some new joy - Keeri gifted him a fresh catnip plant, and he seems to enjoy rolling around and...
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