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Louis Fournier
A busy, but happy man.
A busy, but happy man.

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I'd like to share some final thoughts before I go cast my YES vote tomorrow on the referendum.

It strikes me as odd just how vitriolic the No campaign has been. Since they started, their idea of being "better together" was to deny, belittle and mock all propositions from the Yes campaign on how we want an independent Scotland to run. Lately it turned into insults and a rehash of how we're "too wee, too poor and too stupid".

If people vote No tomorrow, it'll be very hard to come to terms with the fact that so many people in Scotland are ok with scores of newspapers and Westminster politicians telling us we'd never be able to run our own country, that we're so stupid it would fail before it even starts.

The prospect of independence isn't scary, it's invigorating, it's the start of a new journey for a country that has gone through so much crap over the past 300 years. A country who was forced into this union in the first place, its soldiers massacred 40 years later, its language and traditions banned and its bid for independence, delayed again and again with false promises and more damages to its industry and its people. To me, a No vote means continuing on the same road of belittlement that this nation has had to endure so much of because they know we are more than capable of looking after ourselves, they just don't want us to realise it.

Believe me, the Scottish Government is on standby and ready to take on a Yes vote full on and with so much engagement during this campaign, many of us will want to do more to build this newly independent nation to an international standard never seen before.

Our greatest enemy isn't the newspapers or the coalition of leaders we didn't vote for. Our enemy is our own fears, our own doubts and our own cynicism that no matter what happens, life will continue to suck because it's probably too expensive and there's an economic crisis, don't you know?

We have some of the most cutting-edge universities here, a potential for renewable energy unparalleled and though I don't care about the oil, there's a lot of that too. Tourism is so booming I stay away from the crowds in August. And I'm not even gonna mention food and drink, the stuff we've invented this past century, a government that implements free tuition fees, prescriptions and so on.

If Scotland becomes independent, we'll build a nation so attractive people will flock at our doors. Maybe not at first, but even with the restrictions the UK puts on us, we've proven ourselves to be a resilient and stubborn nation that can do many great things.

I don't want to go back into obscurity, it's time to take the first step for a greater future.


(and have a few pictures of the concert from Sunday night)
A night for Scotland
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