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Dmitry Paranyushkin

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Interfaces that change the way we think
Anything can be an interface, as long as it is in between and as everything is in between, everything is an interface. Interfaces create affordances or possibilities for [...]
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The importance of abstraction when switching between things. Spftware development, really, has some of the most jbteresting ideas out there because every step is recorded and thus there's a space to reflect on possible reconfiguration among the modules. 
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Dmitry Paranyushkin

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Dmitry Paranyushkin

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Continental philosohers as Anime characters. 
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Text network analysis for YouTube videos
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Dmitry Paranyushkin

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"Past research showed that people draw finer categorical distinctions for liked than disliked objects, such that a wine lover, for example, sees greater detail and nuance among types of wine than does a non-lover. In the present research, a similar pattern was found in evaluative categorization (i.e., distinguishing between “somewhat liked” vs. “liked” vs. “greatly liked” etc.). Across 5 experiments, respondents used finer evaluative distinctions (operationalized as more versus fewer response options in a rating scale) when conveying attitudes about liked versus disliked items. This effect extended to the level of mental representation and was moderated by need for cognition, indicating the key role of elaboration (people elaborate more on liked vs. disliked objects). These findings imply the potential usefulness of unbalanced rating scales (i.e., containing more scale points on the positive than negative side) so that respondents may better express the nuances of their attitudes." good read
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Another chance for the new me.
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