Hello all. We're starting up a new fantasy campaign and are tossing around mechanic ideas. I'm trying to find a way to break up the Fight, and similarly broad, skills to increase specialization and to show characters growing in competency over time.

The current idea on the table is to steal a page from Atomic Robo RPG and to treat any sufficiently broad skill basically like a skill mode.

For instance a Swashbuckler with a Fight of +4 might look like this.

+4: Sword (Specialized)
+3: Fists (Focused)
+2: All other weapons (Trained)

You could spend one skill point to raise a weapon to Focused or to raise a Focused to Specialized.

This would also work the same for Lores. Different kinds of knowledge. Magical, Political, Historical, etc.

What are the communities thoughts on something like this? To stress we are trying for a Zero to Hero style of campaign which is one of the things driving the design ideas here.
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