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» Aussie frugalist living in Berkshire. «
» Aussie frugalist living in Berkshire. «

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PSA: this post is not in a collection. But the other stuff I post is. If you don't like a particular subject, you can avoid it being in your stream by clicking the collection name above the post and looking for the "Following" button.

So far a whopping four people out of 22000+ followers have managed to find that button, and yet I'm still getting replies from people who clearly don't like some subject I post (the most common ones are people who take umbrage at some kind of equality or anti-racism post that I put up).

So PSA part 2: I am a left-wing, greenie, equality-supporting, anti-racist, pro-choice, pro-science, pro-vaxx, anti-violence, anti-gun, diversity-tolerant person who believes in taxes, government services, free education for all and universal health care. If they're not your thing, we can still have polite discussion, so long as you don't try and push any hatred anywhere. Cheers!

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"What's new with you?" says Google. Well I'm alive. (Sure beats the alternative.) Warning, lots of moaning ahead, mainly about being tired and sore. Do not be silly enough to indulge my narcissism by expressing any sympathy!!! :)

So. I'm working, and exhausted, but I'm happy. I have a great bunch of colleagues, a lovely boss or three, and I like the work that I do. I'm exhausted (did I say that already?) and in a hell of a lot of pain. It remains to be seen whether I'll learn to cope a bit better with the pure physicality of my job, but I think the company is content with my work. I'm being trained in a new section this week which I'm hesitant about, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I am still 100% alone every moment I'm away from work. Literally too sore to keep to my main resolution which was "go out and make some friends" because it requires actual walking. So I guess the resolution will become "keep in touch with work colleagues in a vaguely social way" unless the pace of work lets up.

Weeks are going by in a blur. I am a little bit frustrated by the people I'm letting down by not being (online-ly) present in their lives. I'm forgetting things, I'm neglecting things, I'm flying by the seat of my pants and I'd quite like an extra few hours in the day or an extra day in the week. If I'm honest, it's a pace I can't keep up (won't keep up) partly because physically I'd end up in a heap, and partly because wow, my family is actually important and deserves to be in my thoughts now and then, not completely forgotten because my brain has taken an extended holiday.

I'm giving it four weeks to see if I manage to get on top of things. Wish me luck. Wish my family luck.

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Pretty much.

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A bit of an update on me... moving to the UK and a bit of an explanation of "why". Sorry for being so quiet of late, I've had a stupid amount of thinking going on :)
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