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7 Internal Battles Everyone "Adulting" Faces, Answered
7 Internal Battles and Answers While   “Adulting” 1)    Am I on the right path in life? The
answer is sure. No one really knows the answer to this question except for the
God of your choosing.   Even if you have
moments where you question what you are doing...

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15 Things Millennials Need to Stop Doing Right Now
I know, technically, my age group is a "Millennial" but this is a very hard thing to grasp for me. I am 31, (old as dirt, I get it); and even I catch myself saying, "kids today...". For real though, anyone who classifies themselves as a "Millennial" pay att...

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10 Questions Every 30-Something Needs to Ask Themselves
1) What is my “number”? Let’s be real,
at 31, you may or may not have a good idea as to what that “number” is; so, you
do the math. Literally.   Stretch those
typin’ fingers ladies and gents and get to adding. There are multiple reasons
why you should at le...

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10 Unconventional Ways To Get Rid Of "Stress" In 2015
I have been on a bit of a hiatus on my blog…wait for
it…#KTDB. Yup, it’s a thing now; it’s hashtagged AND abrevied. I just decided to
pursue other ventures like becoming an author, (and thank you to EVERYONE who
supported that! It’s still out there so go ge...

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Things Young, Successful Dudes Say
“That was a great idea, I am definitely sharing that on
Google docs” “Dude was wearing Armani… definitely gay.” “I have to check with my lawyer first.”  “Yo man I need to
borrow your shoe polish, I’m out.” “I was still drunk in my meeting this morning I fir...

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Believe Half of What You See and Nothing of What You Hear
‘ Have ya’ll ever played the game “Telephone”? If you attended
any form of summer camp, played any sport, or take a form of anti-depressant, I
am sure you have. For those that probably never played with the amazingness
that was the colored parachute either,...

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15 Things NOT to Do at a Bar......
Since it is Saturday night and after being in the service industry on and off since 16 yrs old, I figured this was the perfect
time for this list…yes, list. Especially because writing makes very little money and I am back in the server saddle on the weekend...
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