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MURDER IN BOSTON! A Gift for Storytellers!
I have been a little under the weather the last couple weeks  with a bad cold, allergies, and a sinus infection. This is an updated  version of a blog post from November 2013. I hope you enjoy it. See the house at left? It is #8 Walnut Street on Beacon Hill...

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Roland Yeoman's Don't Buy My Book Blog Tour #AuthorLove
“Conversation is the duel of insecurity, curiosity, and the yearning to belong.” – Samuel McCord “Man is a riddle; his words masked evasions.” – Meilori Shinseen, Empress of a shadow alien race and new bride of McCord Isn’t Kathleen gracious to let me sneak...

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Revisiting The Danvers State Insane Asylum
One of the things I love
most about writing is weaving bits of history, folklore, legends, and
mysteries into my work. I think it brings a feel of authenticity to
my writing and it always provides me with a lot of entertainment. For
pure color there is no s...

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T'on Ma by Magnolia Belle #AuthorLove
Magnolia Belle is a very interesting writer with unique stories,  settings and characters. I hope you enjoy this excerpt. T'on Ma  by Magnolia Belle Description: T'on Ma is set in Texas during the
1850s, when Lana Cooper meets Two Hawks, a young Kiowa warr...

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How I Found Halcyon Beach
am the first to admit that I am an eavesdropper and am in no way
apologetic about it. Some of my best stories have come from
eavesdropping including the one I am about to tell you. This week I
put the final touches on the third story in my Halcyon Beach

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Once Upon A [Stolen] Time by Samreen Ahsan #AuthorLove
Welcome Samreen Ahsan, author of the very popular A Prayer Series ,  about paranormal events based on Islamic concepts.   This is the first book in her new series. Once Upon A [Stolen] Time  by Samreen Ahsan 2015… All her life, Myra Farrow has been obsessed...

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k you, Roger, for the plug.

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Beautiful Thacher Island: Anne's Eyes
When I first moved to
Massachusetts, one of the first things I did was buy several books
about the area lighthouses. Of all the lighthouses that dot the New
England coast the ones I found most fascinating were the Twin Lights
of Thacher Island, known locall...

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My Youthful Infatuation with Andy Warhol: A Confession
I'm not really sure when I
first began paying attention to Andy Warhol. I was in high school and
taking art classes with the notion that someday I might be an artist.
I knew about classical art and had read Irving Stone's Lust for
Life about Vincent Van Gog...

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Baker's Island: A Seventy Year Old Mystery
In 1988 I moved to
Marblehead, Massachusetts, to live in a house overlooking Salem
Sound. The house was owned by a wealthy family and they needed
someone to live there for awhile—“awhile” turned out to be
seven years. From my bedroom window I could see thre...
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