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I loved it! We tried the tea leaf salad, mango chicken, shrimp kebot, sesame beef, Burmese rice, and fried banana. Everything was delicious and the service was prompt and friendly. Reasonably priced for the quality.
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Endgame is my very favourite game store in the Bay Area. Lots of choice, friendly service, good support, pleasant venue.
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We had the hot & sour soup, pot stickers, twice-cooked pork, scallops in hot garlic-ginger sauce, and chicken curry noodles (Singapore-style). Everything tasted fresh, delicious, with well balanced flavours. In addition, the ambiance was relaxing and the service courteous and friendly.
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I don't often give 5 stars but Hanazen earned it. One of a kind, artisanal preparation of lovely fresh ingredients, creating complex, nuanced flavours. Eating there for the first time requires a certain dose of humility and appreciation for art. I've been in many nice, pleasant sushi places but it had been a long time since I had been in a top-notch place where everything is about creating art not delivering a product. I say "art" as a compliment, not sarcasm: the art of a perfect balance of flavours, aromas, colours, shapes, and textures. I'd read the Yelp reviews, especially the negative ones (I always do) before trying this place. I "get" what the negative reviewers were unhappy with, but I think they missed the spirit and quality of this place. For context, understand that this place is owned by a husband and wife who are chef and host--Kenji and Coco Horikawa--with no other personnel, and could seat 17 people at a time if it was jammed packed with no room to move. You go there for an evening of slowly savouring little bites of heaven and good conversation, not to have a well-timed meal before going to the Shakespeare play or the movies. Most of the condiments, pickles, sauces, infused salts, and garnishes used in preparing the dishes are made by the chef himself rather than store-bought. This means that every element is so good it can be savoured on its own, but together they build these lovely complex flavours that unfold like slowly as you eat. The sake menu is also diverse and offers a range of flavours as wide as any sommelier's choice of wines in a fine French restaurant. Service: The service started out formal and I understand why it seemed distant to some Yelp commenters. But as soon as we showed that we were interested, not too vain to receive pointers on how to appreciate the food and drinks, and happy to learn about the preparation details, we felt our host and server, Coco Horikawa, warm up to us. The service was attentive and helpful throughout the meal. Freshness and Choice: This is the very opposite experience of chain restaurants where you can find everything everywhere, but of mediocre quality and always the same; it's the one-of-a-kind experience that will be a little different every time. So no long menu with dozens of wacky Americanized rolls, just a solid core list and a board with a generous list of the current delicacies. Coco Horikawa is a sake expert, and Chef Kenji Horikawa's speciality is kaiseki, a method of cooking that marks the seasons in Japan. Let them guide you to what's good and fresh today, and works well together. Price: Just think why your run-of-the-mill sushi bar is cheaper: made faster, with cheaper, store-bought ingredients and using shortcuts like big piggish rolls instead of nigiri pieces. Let's not mince words, Hanazen is expensive for regular people on regular salaries--the kind of place we can only eat at for a special celebration. But it's priced correctly for the value, quality, care, and work involved. Reservations: It's clear that every spot is marked "reserved" all the time. I believe the owners prefer to work by reservation only so they can pace the work and plan the ingredients accordingly. If you want to sit at the counter, mention that when you make your reservation. Wheelchair access: Although Yelp says there is no wheelchair access, they actually put down a ramp in advance if you mention this in your reservation. However, don't expect that anyone will have time to stop preparing or serving food to take care of this if you don't mention it ahead of time.
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I only tried dessert yesterday, but the chocolate mocha cake was delectable. I looked at people's dinners and saw many things that looked appetizing -- I need to try a full meal there.
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I was delighted with my experience at Philz. Delicious coffee, friendly service, convenient hours. We don't have much in terms of real coffee places in this area, you usually have to go to the City -- it's so nice to have this place now! The iced mojito coffee is great summer treat, and the Sooo Good is... as advertised. :-)
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So far this is my favourite counter-style Mexican restaurant on the Peninsula outside SF proper. Their salsas are flavourful, freshly made right there; the meats are well cooked, the portions are generous, and the services is cheerful and courteous. I really love the super burrito al pastor and the camarones a la diabla.
Food: Very GoodDecor: Poor - FairService: Very Good
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Three dry wells before we were able to find a good vein on the fourth try for my Herceptin infusion.
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Hey Everyone,

The Standing Rock Donation Bundle goes live Tuesday, September 27th. If you could spread the word in your feeds that would be great, the more feeds, the better.
I have artwork assets at the link below, so feel free to use them
Please share, link and ask others to do so as well.


There are over 40 products from 20 different publishers, and that just blows my mind.
Please hit all your local social media haunts and make them aware of not only the bundle but what’s going on at Standing Rock.

I really appreciate everyone’s support and enthusiasm, and I’m sure that your contributions will make a difference.
Thank you

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Absolute Zero and Nightmist teamed up in a Just Sentinels adventure Powered by the Apocalypse! ( -- Edit: No. 36 of #61in16

Also, +Edmund Metheny made pizza crust and garlic bread, I made sauce from garden-picked tomatoes, and Steve supplied the toppings (including more vegetables from his garden) and assembled the pizza. Co-op style!

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Another little walk at San Andreas Lake.
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I like box set. 8)

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Today's Google Doodle is great!
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I really liked the one from Thursday, with the rocks and the fall leaves.

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Tonight: No. 37 of #61in16 -- trying the Deluxe Collector's Edition of Tokaido, on loan from a friend.
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Oh, so pretty with the painted figures! Mine aren't, but it's still gorgeous! Great game. Very relaxing. My family's favorite 

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+Dave Joria -- I don't mind, but I also disagree. I think the phenomenon is very different.

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Home-made pizza and garlic bread!
[Edit: here is the recipe: ]
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I love homemade garlic bread. I get tasked with making it whenever I'm home. 

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Plan for Sunday: run Just Sentinels, +Alan Hodges' hack of Just Heroes, which in turn is +James Mullen's PbtA hack. And make pizza sauce for a home-made pizza with garden-fresh vegetables and herbs.
The Crunch Ratings are there to provide a simple guideline for groups considering a new game. They are roughly associated with a numerical "Difficulty Level" score of 1 to 5: Crunch Rating Definitions. DIFF LEVEL (1-5), CLASS, EXAMPLE. 1 - Super easy, minigames, Doctor Magnethands.
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Let's have a cross-over episode with my New Freedom Five group playing Masks and see how many different versions of Legacy we can fit in one place before we break the Multiverse.

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Phantom celebrates #Caturday

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Because I need the cute.

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+Cam Banks now has a +Patreon site.
Follow Cam Banks on Patreon: Read posts by Cam Banks on the world's largest platform enabling a new generation of creators and artists to live out their passions!
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