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100 % Grass fed beef - the way forward
100 % Grass fed beef - the way forward

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New #Butcher  in Northampton, MA
An expert butcher shop committed to local and opening in Western MA.  We are delighted to share that Sutter Meats will stock Steady Lane 100% grass fed beef AND our organic turkeys!
65 King St, Northampton, MA 01060
(Repost from @buckhastings. Such tremendous skill!)

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Keep Warm with Stew

Here's an easy recipe that would be great with our tasty stew meat you can find at in Concord, MA.  Be sure to check you don't overcook.  Our grass-fed beef will likely faster than what is called for in this recipe.

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Calves do just fine.  What a life!

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Bright winter days are just fine when your nose is deep in good hay!  Nummy!

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Meatball recipe!  This is fabulous -- from Aileen.  She says...

I’m no chef but I do love to cook. My husband is an Italian-American gourmand and hard to please so when I figured out how to make meatballs that my husband deemed were “good...I’ll have some more... good" - I knew I was getting somewhere. No one was more surprised than me when I tried modifying my recipe for meatballs using only 100% grass-fed pasture raised beef. In a taste comparison with the traditional pork, veal and ground beef mixture and solely 100% grass-fed beef, the grass-fed won in my household tonight.

2 lbs grass-fed ground beef

1 ½ cups of freshly grated carrots
2 cups freshly baked bread
1/2 cup whole milk
2 eggs
1 tbsp chopped basil/1 teaspoon dried
1 tbsp chopped parsely/1 teaspoon dried
½ teaspoon dried oregano

(no one usually has all these herbs at hand so no worries -one out of three works great or a mix that is not more than 3 weeks old.)

coarse grated parmesan (if you can get it, good quality parmesan that has been cut off a wheel recently and is yielding and soft, makes a huge difference)

salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Have your marinara prepared and reducing at a simmer.  If you have to doctor up prepared marinara in a hurry the two fixes that work great is to add two tablespoons of good dry red wine and/or manually crushed whole canned DOP San Marazano tomatoes.  

Tear the soft center of two to three generous cuts of bread into a small bowl and cover in milk.  (I usually use fresh dried unseasoned bread crumbs but for grass-fed, I read that fresh bread gives a better texture) Make sure you use just enough milk so that the bread soaks all the liquid up.  The famous chef Mario Batali always favored this old world method.

Grate your carrot and parmesan coarsely.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and blend quickly.  I just got a tip from the Meatball Shop which is all the rage here in NYC:  don’t form a tight ball and you will have fluffy melt in your mouth success.


Clearing out barns and spreading last winter's manure.  This feeds bugs and mice and birds, building deep soil as it sets the stage for spring grass.

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