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I read The Exiled Queen by Cinda Willams Chima.  I thought it was a good book to read if you are into the distopian fantasy type of books.  
Haunted by the loss of family members  a young man named  Han begins his journey by going to school at Mystwerk house in Oden's Ford. By leaving Fells he thought he was free from any harm and it was far behind him. 

He thought wrong when he was being hunted by the Bayars. The Bayars are one of the high and the most powerful wizard family you will ever come across in this book. The reason for Han being Hunted by them was due to a stolen amulet that the Bayars treasured for some reason. 

While attending the Mystwerk House Han was not aware there was some hidden dangers a long his journey there. Also Han meets a mysterious wizard called Crow who agrees to teach or tutor Han some dark parts to sorcery. Crow would only tutor Han if he made a bargain with him. The bargain that was made with Crow Han will regret later on. 

sorry im posting so late I read the twilight series.
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