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Dogs & Puppies Place
A Gathering Place for Dog & Puppy Lovers
A Gathering Place for Dog & Puppy Lovers


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Hey All
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New post (Comfort Dogs Come to Boston After the Bombing) has been published on Dogs Puppies
Check it out...................
More Proof that Dogs bring Great Comfort…………………………..
After the Bombing, Comfort Dogs Come to Boston
3 days ago … A charity group has...

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New post (BOSTON: Bomb Sniffing Dogs) has been published on Dogs Puppies
Check it out...................
Hard at Work helping Police in Boston & surrounding areas search for Bombs.
These Heroic Bomb Sniffing Dogs are proving to be invaluable in the fight against terrorist.
Officials have noted that Dogs swept the area for explosives twice before the first runners crossed the finish line and...

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DOGS ..........Your New Best Friend

It all starts when you shop for your first Dog. The puppies are running around with happy tails wagging and playfull antics that capture your attention and heart. Their cute little faces look as though they are smiling ……. Puppies are little bundles of joy just exude Love and Joy. You know you are hooked when they beg you to pet them and you get your first puppy kiss from this wiggly happy little guy.

Now the big moment, which one will you choose?  Well, my experience has taught me that this won’t be a problem because your puppy will choose you. You just know!

The relationship starts. You and your dog are now starting a journey through life that you will never forget. The friendship and love your dog will bring to you and your family is absolutely amazing. Those loving eyes, happy face, wagging tail, and playful personality will bring you great joy.  You will carry these wonderful memories through your whole life.

Unconditional love is the gift dogs’ offer. As a puppy grows into your best friend an unbreakable bond is created. Always waiting to greet you with a smile, happy wagging tail, and always ready for an adventure. You make their day by just throwing their ball and playing with them. A dog will warn you of danger, try to rescue you if you need help, and fight off any threats. They will become your best friend. They never ask for much but they will always give you their all.

Yes, owing a Dog will bring you great joy.

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A Gathering Place for Dog & Puppy Lovers..... come & check us out !

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Cute Little Sophie.... AKA: Devil Dog.
March 23, 2013
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We LOVE Dogs & Puppies!
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