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Joie Mojica-Gahum
living the life of a WAHM
living the life of a WAHM


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Excited for the coming school year or worried how to juggle work and being a Mom? Read this post and survive the Back to School rush while being a productive WAHM!
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Music is one of my passion. Spending a few hours on a weekend in my friend’s recording studio has been a stress-reliever for me. Throughout the years, we have seen how the recording industry developed and has recently embraced in-ear monitoring systems for our recording sessions.

What I love about the whole in-ear monitoring experience is that I get to enjoy superior sound quality without having to strain my hearing or mess up with the rest of the group and the music. It has been a pleasurable experience compared to using wedges.

Choosing what I want to hear is another plus. I get to focus on my craft and focus on what to improve without worrying about the rest of my group. Grab hold of the experience with shure in ear monitors, check it out at

Visit this link to know more
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Easter Sunday feels at home can be achieved with DIY
Easy to Do Easter-feels Décor At Home
Summer has just started, and we can already feel that the Holy
Week is coming because it is too hot! Easter Sunday and its tradition is a huge
part of our childhood. As we have experienced those fun and loving memories of Easter,
the same we want our childr...
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Giveaway from We Wander Asia
We Wander Asia Summer Giveaway!
I love joining online contests. Although I do not usually win most of the time, I always felt that it's fun participating in contests and supporting an advocacy or a brand that I believe in.  One of the contests that I have recently joined lately is We Wand...
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Check this out.
Nutri 10 Plus and Dayzinc Vitamins for Kids Review
I am a Mom to two active growing boys. My eldest, Rafael, 4,
is already in school. Yael, my youngest one is about to turn three, and is as
enthusiastic as his Kuya. Being a stay-at-home mom allows me to be with them
every day while adding up to the househol...
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Encourage your kids to write. Tips available here
Encouraging Your Kids to Write
As a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer, it is quite
difficult for me to balance my time at work, my kids, housework and other
things that requires my attention. I try very hard to keep up with my daily
schedule, but sometimes, unexpected things happen, ...
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Interested to become an online freelance writer? Check out this post.
How to Become an Online Freelance Writer
Being an online freelancer writer, I always make sure to be
an active member of communities and groups that supports and inspires fellow
writers like me. Two of my favorite Facebook groups are Work at Home
Pinoys and Ask
Pinoy Bloggers . Here is where I get...
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Check this out!
Break Free by Don Soriano: A Review
Lucky me! I was qualified to receive a free book from Don
Soriano, a millionaire thru hard work and a motivator to do greatness. It was
really an honor to be someone who can help him spread his advocacy in financial
literacy and financial awareness. This is...
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