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Matthew Flower
I am a young "Kiwi" Student, Entrepreneur and Global Citizen...
I am a young "Kiwi" Student, Entrepreneur and Global Citizen...

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Exciting times, I'm jetting off to Shanghai tonight to spend the rest of my holidays in China! Should be pretty awesome, don't know about Google coverage though. Censorship sucks.

Happy holidays guys!

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Never realised! Wellington MUN - 14 March! Get along to it!

Athletics... The real thing...

Got into (Auckland Schools) Junior Premier Debating! Yay!

Planning Rooting for Kiwi - my MYP Project novel. Getting right into fleshing out the concept in great detail. Fun stuff.

VLC Media player is awesome! Bypassed the stupid region encodings on my iMac so I can play all my media effectively. And people still think open source is a piece of crap...

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"Today’s pop culture heroes, it seems, are the nerds who conquer the world — like Harry — not the beautiful losers who reject it."

Catcher in the Rye was definitely a dissapointment for me anyway.

Camp was awesome. We went mountain biking, hiking, white water rafting, caving and generally just had a good time. Now I'm going on church youth camp #1 - busy, busy week. At least we got a recovery day off school today!

Back from Camp!!!
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