This project is a personal favourite, and since we've been emphasizing interior home maintenance this fall, it seems like a great time to share it with you.

Alex Azone lived with his mother Ruby, who felt their kitchen was rather boring. "The white walls are too sterile," Ruby complained to her son, "There's a bland vibe in this room and I need to suck it out!" Alex couldn't agree more. The dark colors of the cupboards and counterparts just didn't jive with the walls, which looked as if they belonged in a mental ward.

Fortunately, Alex knew precisely who to call. We had done some work for him in 2009, installing new drywall where one of his friends had punched a hole. He was amazed at how fast we were able to complete the project. "The other three people I called were giving me ridiculous numbers," Alex had told us, "Let me take your card, because if I ever need anything else done I'll be calling you guys!" And so he did.

We conquered the boring walls by installing a mosaic backsplash, constructed with granite, glass, marble and metal in its place. What do you think? We can tell you what Alex and Ruby thought:

"Not only was the work complete, but it was done so well. And not only were the folks who came here so friendly, but they were fast as well. There's really nothing to complain about, and I will definitely be bookmarking!" - Ruby Azone

"These guys are the real deal. They don't stay longer than they have to, and they keep you in the loop at every step of the way. If you're looking for a handyman in Toronto, you've got to check out Odd Job!" - Alex Azone
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