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Steven Lott
It may be a hack, but it works.
It may be a hack, but it works.

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Intro to Python CSV Processing for Actual Beginners
I've written a lot about CSV processing. Here are some examples It crops up in my books. A lot. In all cases, though, I make the implicit assumption that my readers already know a lot of Python. ...

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NoSQL Database Doesn’t Mean No Schema
Read this:  NoSQL Database Doesn’t Mean No Schema It was fun to write. And the code works really nicely.

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Writing Tools
Read this: What I have been doing instead of using these sophisticated, integrated writing tools? I use OmniOutliner.  I've used it for years. It do...

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Irrelevant Feature Comparison
A Real Email. So, please consider creating a blog post w/ a title something like "Solving the Fred Flintstone Problem using Monads in Python and Haskell" First. There's this: and this:

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The Depths of Degradation or How to Reduce
Let's talk real-world functional programming. Disclosure: I'm a fan of functional programming in Python. (This: ) The usual culprits for functional programming are map() , filte...

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The "Build Script" Idea
In compiled languages, the build script or makefile is pretty important. Java has maven (and gradle and ant) for this job. Python doesn't really have much for this. Mostly because it's needless. However. Some folks like the idea of a build script. I've been...

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The Royal Road
Warning: Long Boring Anecdote: Conclusions will be drawn from a single example. First, this quote: " All your suggestions were great if I had wanted to do a systematic study and truly understand. The goal is to understand and learn as little as possible to ...

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Amazing how Windows is “special.”
Here's the quote: is amazing how Windows is “special.” Back when ..., special things had to be done for Windows. Python continues the tradition w/ an entire section in its doco titled “3. Using Python on Windows” I wasn't sure what to make of this. It...

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A Reason for Avoiding Programming
From someone in the process of becoming a data scientist. They had a question on regular expressions, which made almost no sense. It appears that the core concepts of ETL -- Extracting source data, Transforming it into a useful form and the Loading into som...

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Handling Irregular File Formats
This is a common issue. We have a file which was printed for human consumption. Consequently, it has many different kinds of lines. These are the two kinds of lines of interest: 900296268 4/9/16 Mobility, Data Mining and Privacy Expired 900295204 4/1/16 Pro...
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