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Heidi O'Hanley
Elementary Art Educator, Mom, Artist, and Advocate for the Arts
Elementary Art Educator, Mom, Artist, and Advocate for the Arts

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Baby Chicks in the Art Room!
This Spring, we took on a new adventure in our school's art room: hatching baby chicks!  Every year, our school takes part in a project to teach about the process of the egg to the bird.  Many classes from Kindergarten through 6th grade take part in the pro...

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End-of-the-Year Project Solutions: June's Stepping Stones
To view the full article in Arts and Activities magazine, please click here. Congratulations! You are almost finished with the school year. It’s time to start wrapping up the remaining projects and finalize the portfolios. On top of wrapping up the final le...

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Collaborations in the Art Class: May's Stepping Stones
Click here to view the full article in Arts and Activities magazine. Some of the best opportunities we can use in art classes are
collaborations.   A collaboration occurs
when your students actively work with another student or set of students to
produce or...

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There's a Paint Party in the Art Room! April's Stepping Stones
To view the article in Arts and Activities, please click here! F or the past few years, there has been a rise in art studios opening up across the country, and many of those studios specialize in “paint and sip nights.” From what I’ve observed, many of thes...

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Alien Collaborations!
I wanted to share a collaboration between my 3rd grade students and my colleague's jr. high students! Previously, I shared a project called Joan Miro Monsters with 3rd grade.  Students were to create their own alien or monster creature using only 12 differe...

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Using Technology in Art on Digital Learning Day #DLDay
On February 23rd, our school took part in Digital Learning Day #DLDay.  Digital learning is any instructional practice that uses technology to strengthen  students' learning experiences.  This can include laptops, tablets, digital cameras, digital projector...

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Claes Oldenburg Inspired Cheeseburgers with 2nd Grade!
Claes Oldenburg  (born January 28, 1929) is an American sculptor , who is known for his  installations of large sculptures of everyday objects.  He is also known for making soft sculpture versions of everyday objects. Many of his works were made in collabor...

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Surviving Your Evaluations: February's Stepping Stones
To view the complete article, please visit Stepping Stones at For some
educators, the most worrying times of your career can be your teaching
evaluations.  Many of us have heard
stories of miscommunication and misunderstandings betwee...

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Art Class Adaptations: Working with Special Needs (January's Stepping Stones)
Click here to view the article in Arts and Activities Magazine. I n each of our classes, we attempt to meet the needs of every child. From special needs to gifted, ELL to non-verbal, as well as all other abilities and qualities, we do our best to accommodat...

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Leap into the Fiber Arts World: December's Stepping Stones
Click here for the full article in Arts & Activities Magazine! In November’s Stepping Stones, I shared my thoughts on how printmaking was one of my most challenging sets of projects, but I had found ways to work with the materials in the environments I taug...
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