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Being made new
Being made new

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Flawless Hero
                            The words played on the radio as I drove home from work today...  No matter the bumps  No matter the bruises  No matter the scars  Still the truth is The cross has made The cross has made you flawless No matter the hurt Or how de...

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Being a Mrs
the last several years of my life I had given up on the idea or the dream of
ever getting married. You see I had walked through heartbreak with my heart
barely beating and I began to believe in the lie that keeping my heart locked
away was m...

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First Love
                 Recently this song has been playing almost daily on the radio and my church has been playing it during worship the last few sundays. When I first sang it I didn't pay as much attention to the words. But hearing it so often I started listeni...

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Today I was driving home after a long day of work and a big storm had just started to settle and the rain was still pouring down my windshield and I began fervently searching for a rainbow. I have loved rainbows for years now. God has consistently sent me r...

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Song of Solomon 8:6-7 The idea of God being relentless is one that often captures my thoughts. How can this God who sees my darkest secrets and my judgmental thoughts love me in a way that is relentless? As if by loving me he can push away all the junk and ...

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She Used to Be Mine
It's not simple to say That most days I don't recognize me That these shoes and these scrubs That place and it's patrons Have taken more than I gave them It's not easy to know I'm not anything like I used to be Although it's true I was never attention's swe...

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Adopt a Grandparent
           Last year I began an adventure with my Mary Kay business to start an Adopt a Grandparent fundraiser. This was of course a creative spin off of my business with Mary Kay to find a way to give back to my community but it was also the outcome of wee...

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Why here?
                     This is the
question posed at every job interview. The one I was asked three times this
morning. Why do you want to stay in the area? And of course this is the recent
college graduates chance to convince the hiring manager they will be ...

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Comfort and Peace
When darkness falls at evening time And all the world is still My heart feels restless, oh my God It longs to be filled Oh Father rescue me from doubt Deliver me from grief Let your joy in me abound Remove my unbelief, remove my unbelief I hear the wind rus...
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