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100 million wasted dollars
Band-aids dont fix infections.
We need to get to the root cause and provide homes and resources to people.
By neglecting that we only make the problem worse.
Thank you Nick Fish and Amanda Fritz for voting against this.

"Members of self-organized homeless encampments testified against the development of the shelter. Terry Leight of the Hazelnut Grove community said the management, decision making power and information is centralized in the hands of a few city officials and developers."

"“If we are going to get $100 million dollars from private contributors, we should be putting it into on-going housing and not into a mass shelter,” Fritz said."

"Commissioner Fish gave the most scathing criticism of the project when he voted against Terminal 1. Fish said that he heard overwhelming opposition from the community and that he learned nothing about the plan, the funding or the city’s role in the program.

Fish called the plan ill-conceived, half-baked, and failing his test of common sense. He quoted a famous line from Lewis Carroll, often spoken by former Mayor Tom Potter.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there,” Fish said before adding his interpretation: “Well, today, by this action, we are making a very big statement and it is that we are lost.”

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Michelle Alexander in Portland

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Resource Based Economy > Monetary Based Economy.

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Heart language :')

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In California, one out of every 40 boys and men of color between the ages of 15 and 34 is documented as a gang member in the state's database, known as CalGang, according to Garcia-Leys's report.

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change your brain with your thoughts.
"Scientists may be one step closer to curing schizophrenia.

Doctors generally work with patients on managing symptoms of schizophrenia, since it currently can’t be cured. But researchers just determined that the brains of some patients — especially those who have had the condition longest — may be able to repair themselves, potentially reversing the damage done by the mental illness."

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