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Dave Young
I live life to the full. I shall never retire. I love helping people to learn.
I live life to the full. I shall never retire. I love helping people to learn.

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More on the Productivity of Software Developers
It was my
former boss, Steve Marshall, who introduced me to the principles of Performance
Management and he gave me a job to do which enforced learning. “Get out
there, learn about Performance Management and implement a system here at
Payserv that will get ...

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First Instalment on my assignment with the University of California, San Diego

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Managing the Performance of Software Developers
In my previous blog I wrote about why software developers can't write bug-free code. But I am still faced with the problem of developing performance targets for Software Developers. Against all global advice of course.That has been said already. On the subj...

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Learning to Chunk and Why Software Developers cannot write bug free code
I have been in the firing line recently for failing to
develop acceptable performance management targets for software developers. I
consult for a business that believes, strongly, in performance management –
setting Key Result Areas, Key Performance Indicat...

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Final Comments: Open Knowledge - Changing the Global Course of Learning
Introduction This is primarily aimed at the people I coach and mentor I am now at the end of
this course.  What am I taking away from
it? Before I commit to that,
it is pertinent to repeat that I am not in the business of ‘scholarly research
and publishing’...

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Week 11 : Academic Research in Zimbabwe
Blunder I made a blunder!    I completed Week 13 before I had completed Weeks 11 and 12.  So here I am back at Week 11 where we have been covering academic research in developing countries and more specifically, Africa. In our videos and readings there was ...

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Open Learning: Week 13
Overview This week has been a little easier to handle than previous
weeks –perhaps less to digest. The Opportunity of Abundance From “The Opportunity of Abundance” with Brian O’Leary I learned that the publishing business in the USA and
probably worldwide –...

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Open Knowledge: Week 10
Information Overload and More This has been a useful week of learning on Information
Overload, Filter Failure and Information Literacy.   The problem with overload is not all that
new.   There is so much to learn.  This course has also been a case of

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Week Nine: Scholarly Publishing
We have focused this week
on scholarly publishing.  The old and the
new.  The traditional and the Open
Access. I think that my major learning point this week is that publishers do a
lot more than just publish. 1.        They register – and time stamp to off...
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