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Dominic Hurst
Measurement, insights and analytics lead @NICEcomms. Advocate for UX and customer-centric data driven design. #UX #Analytics #CRO
Measurement, insights and analytics lead @NICEcomms. Advocate for UX and customer-centric data driven design. #UX #Analytics #CRO

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Realise this is a slight cross over with GTM community. I am tracking a digital service (eg several connected pages from a start button to a submit button/ done page. Leveraging the datalayer I have the time to complete the service showing. The question is what is the best way to get this into GA. Originally i was thinking as an event value (as part of the event to say submit button clicked) however the time is calculated after this event (albeit by milliseconds). So next thought is a custom dimension/ metric. Again metric would be more logical as we are talking a numeric value. Sure someone has tried this before so any suggestions/ lessons learnt would help.

I need to track a progressive reveal (hidden expandable), but only want to track it being opened not closed.

<summary aria-controls="details-content-0" aria-expanded="false" role="button"><span class="summary">How legal gender is identified</span></summary>

So using css selector, picking up click element matching "span.summary"
which works.
But want to leverage aria-expanded="false"

Any ideas? Was thinking a custom JS variable to identify parent aria-expanded which would then be used as trigger matching "false"

It might be me, but I can't find a way to share the User Explorer - User report (be that report or export it). You can its parent page, but not these individual journeys.

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The new(ish( insights feature states the following.

In December, your site has 380K users. Of those users, 62.2K came back in January. This means your loyalty rate in January was 15.46%

So I get the calculation, and obviously fine the 380k. No idea though how to replicate the 62.2k. Returning users isnt month specific and well over 62.2k. Any idea who to report this figure.

More a general set up question (eg best practice). Client has main site but several (very similar) digital services on sub domains. So is it a case of one container or should we have several? For the client the "win" of GTM will be shared tags (eg standard submit action, similar events...). To throw a curve ball, each digital service can involve different teams/ externals. My first thought was 2 containers (main site and one for all digital services) but now i'm thinking container per digital service due to user permissions. Thoughts welcome.

Apols as this isn't a direct GA forum question; however linked to the forum. On notifications I get a lot of spam saying its posted under this community. I often block or report them but a lot of the time they don't show in the community, just the notifications part. It doesn't happen to other communities so didn't know if it was just me?

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Measuring "success" during the product lifecycle

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Measuring the impact of Beta, what to measure and what not to measure #beta #measure #analytics

In digital transformation more often than not we iterate a service; however at certain times we have to launch something new. Normally this is when software changes (new CMS or major changes in coding practices) or when the service hasn’t been done…
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I have a client with an external (untracked) form. Post submission they are redirected back to the website. (so typical journey is website - ext website - website).

I was going to use segments to demonstrate a funnel, but wondered if to segment using session or users? The form is a long one, so could be over 30 mins on the ext site.

For reference the page before leaving has a tracked button leading you to the form. The page post form is a simple page and cannot be accessed by anyone other than those filling in the form.

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