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I have written up a series of lessons that I have been working on with my yr 3 students looking at algorithms and branching to create an e-book. The kids have really loved the topic and the power of being able to change a story by simply making a different choice has been a valuable concept for them. #cserPortfolio

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When my yr 5/6 students first started using Scratch last year we linked it to the work they were doing in class on 2D shape. We used the resource below to firstly learn how to make shapes in Scratch and then investigated what other shapes we were able to draw if we changed the number of turns and the angle of the turn. The students really enjoyed seeing the links between their work in Maths and IT and got quite involved in going about the creation of different sorts of shapes  #cserTask7  

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At the moment my yr 2/3 students are loving working with fairy tales and algorithms. They started by designing a flowchart in inspiration that shows the traditional algorithm for the story and are now adding branches to the algorithm by coming up with alternate endings to the traditional stories. Doing this activity with stories they are so familiar with has really worked well and they are beginning to see how changing something in their storyline can make a change to their original algorithm #cserTask6  

Task 2
My Top 3 Tech are
My iPhone/iPad - so many technological things all rolled into something that fits into my handbag
The internet - gone are the days of having to wait to visit a library to find out something
Social Media - the ability to connect with people all over the world is really mind boggling if you stop and think about it

Task 3
I like to think of the audience I am searching via so a great tip for finding things on US based sites is including the term elementary


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Task 1
I really like this image from Edutopia as a quick reminder that kids can easily remember before they post anything. I also like the fact that it has the K for kind - requiring thought about how something posted might not be potentially harmful for the poster but could harm someone else!

My first memories of using the internet go back to when I was at uni in the early 90's. As people have said, it remember it being very text based. I also remember what an achievement I thought it was when I first learnt how to download an image from a website using an FTP site and saved it on my 3.5 floppy disk!
I think my line for the "Rumours" game would be "Mrs Knipe says we can have lunch early if we all pass this on correctly" Gives the students added incentive to pass the information on accurately :) 

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I really enjoy teaching my students about digital photography and I have created a resource that I hope to use when teaching this topic. I have created a prezi showing how digital cameras capture digital images. I am aiming this at the middle primary years #cserTask3 

With my year 6/7 classes we look at iTunes as a everyday data source that they are familiar with and examine what information can be found about particular songs and whether they agree with this data or whether it is subjective - they don't always agree with the genres that some of their favourite songs are categorised as!

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I'm playing catchup too with all the modules - something being on school holidays gives you a chance to do! I attended a Digital Technologies session recently with Jason Zagami and Bruce Fuda and they shared with us this great resource which allows for teaching Digital Technologies even if you don't have access to lots of digital technology!
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