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Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
I grew up surrounded by all things Jane Austen. She died in my hometown of Winchester in the county of Hampshire in England, and is buried in Winchester Cathedral. She spent much of her life in Hampshire, and lived her last eight years in Chawton, near Winc...

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Summer 1984, Tripoli, Libya -- My First Voice Work
Excerpts from letters to England (grammar and spelling
choices have been left intact) Tripoli, 24th July 1984 "Another thing which is quite interesting is that some
of the Tripoli Players are doing a sound recording for some educational tapes
to teach Libya...

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On the 2nd Day of Advent, 2016: Christmas Memories from my Mum
Late in my mother's life, I asked her to write down anything she remembered about our growing up years, a difficult time as Mum was a single parent, and Dad rarely sent the money required to take care of three little children. Fearing that Christmas had bec...

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Just finished my last Hallowe'en booking for the season. Here's a mini blog about my adventures!

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just got in from my last Halloween storytelling session for this season — I
calculate about 3,300 children in the past ten days have gobbled up those Stories
for a Dark and Stormy Night . It’s my most heavily booked program because, without
a doubt, cr...

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Thought you might enjoy the blunt honesty of children I recently visited with.

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To celebrate I LOVE READING!, I recently presented at Pillow Elementary, a wonderful multicultural
school, and also my local. I pass it every day when I walk. After the event, I was thrilled to get a nice testimonial from the
faculty, and along with it, a...

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If you ever work at home in PJs or spend all day alone at your computer, my new blog may ring true.

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Inappropriate Laughter
Last Tuesday, I worked long and hard. At my computer by 7:45am,
I completed a detailed online review for a local business, a tight, pithy anecdote
for a grant report, a short story, and an edit of another short story. I
updated my Texas Public Library email...
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