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Everyday is an Adventure; some good, some not so good
Everyday is an Adventure; some good, some not so good


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Innovation most often, it seems, comes from combining existing elements.  Combinations can be between items within the same “conceptual category” such as iPhone and Laptop combined to iPad  or two disparate conceptual-categories such as Pet and Rock, or Shower and Radio.   Here is a link to some good illustrations of both.  The Nintendo Toaster and guitar urinal illustrate one, the Post-it table and brew cave lean toward mixing similar categories, more like a variation on an existing theme.  Many thanks to Brian Frame and his new bride for compiling these and other cool innovations.

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Here is a cool "instrument", the "Reactable"  Without any comment one way or another about the music itself, the idea of the visual control of frequency, beat, distortion, etc on a "touch surface" tickles a creative harmony.

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Collaborative, energetic conversations for brainstorming can be difficult for me to facilitate for more than 5 or 10 minutes. It is difficult helping people feel comfortable sharing their ideas, and feel free to express ideas where they may feel judged.  I found this video to have some  good, easily applicable, techniques that are helpful for an analytic-nerd like myself.  I hope it is helpful to you also. 

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This is a life-long, tried-and-true tool that I have used for successful innovation.  I hope it brings you great success in whatever field you apply it to.

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I am looking for your thoughts on innovation that was born from the combination of ideas.  click through below:

Innovation: To begin or introduce (something new) for or as if for the first time, to renew, make new.
People are creative, problem solvers, creatures of innovation.  The act of innovation sparks joy in our beings.  Innovation changes the course of humanity.
A person can learn the craft of being an engineer, cook, musician, speaker, etc. However, it is rare to find teaching on how to help people become more creative, innovative in their craft.  Regardless of the specific craft or endeavor, there are innovative qualities within the human spirit that can be strengthened, nurtured, expanded, fostered, and magnified.

To those out there whose passion it is to innovate, what practical and pragmatic ways have you found to increase your ability to innovate well, and to teach others?

Thanks, Cliff
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