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John Hundley
Hey, what could happen?
Hey, what could happen?


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For the Love of Minor Characters
Ever fall
in love with a minor character? Someone captures your imagination, or you
identify with them in some unique way, and you want more of them, but, alas, it
is not to be. The classic example, for me, is the postman in Stephen King’s Cujo, who the rea...

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The Unfinished Series Series, Vol III
   Okay, one more rant and I’ll drop the subject, I
promise. But, really, don’t you just hate picking up a new book touted as first in a series , and you really,
really like it, and then when you finish you find the next book has yet to be
written?    I do....

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The Unfinished Series Series, Vol II
So, I’m continuing my complaint about getting
hooked on a series of books that hasn’t been finished yet. Can you relate? I
mean, it really sucks to read that book (and maybe there’s even a cliffhanger
ending), and you’re ready to find out what happens next,...

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The Unfinished Series Series, Vol I
   I’ve been in love with books written in a series
for as long as I’ve been a reader. Beginning with L. Frank Baum’s Oz books as a child, through Edgar Rice
Burroughs’ Tarzan series or Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy as a “tween,” all the
way through Richelle ...

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The Real Red Wolves
    The term red
wolf must have been floating around in my subconscious when I conceived of
Clifford Crane, the supernatural werewolf protagonist depicted in my Red Wolf Saga . Crane (you can check out
the “My Books” tab), whom I imagine to be a cross betwe...

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The Old Man and the Bike
I’m the kind of person who can overdo anything and
everything, good or bad. I have a long list of addictions to prove it. The
acceptance of this about myself has made the last quarter century of my life an
almost daily struggle for balance. I’m constantly s...

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YA Binge
A few weeks ago I found myself facing a dilemma.
I’d just released Red Wolf Rising, and
I was looking around for something to work on. Projects for revised editions of
my first two Red Wolf novels loom on the horizon, but I’d been in editing mode
for so lon...

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Release Day!
        Just for grins, I looked through the C:\Writings
directory on my laptop and checked the creation dates for some of my project
folders. On September 20, 2012, at 10:16 pm, I moved some notes, a brief
outline, and a copy of the last scene in Dragon

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The Red Wolf is back on his blog with interviews and reviews of the delightful Amanda Lyles.

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A Mermaid and Amanda Lyles
Hi, folks! I haven’t posted since June, 2014,
but now that the third novel in the Red Wolf Saga is scheduled for publication
on March 6, I’m emerging from my writing cave. Yes, the Red Wolf is back! I’m going to start blogging again with renewed
vigor, and ...
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