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In high school we had a coach who's wife would go under the stands to nurse her baby. Of course, being a teenager we all thought it was horribly gross, we couldn't figure out why she just didn't go into the bathroom...well, after reading your post I now understand. Would you want to eat in the bathroom?? Uh, no!!! I now have much more empathy for her, bless her heart, she was the subject of many, many teenage conversations.
Oh, RIGHT ON. KIM is your BFF? The fabulous Ms. B? Prairie mama? Ha ha ha! Small world! I know her and love her. (we were pg with our five year olds at the same time)
You mean Miss Amelia? Love that little one. And yup! +Kim Borchert is my total bestie! She just moved from here and I am freaking heartbroken over it. It just means I will have to figure out how to visit Austin more often!