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If you still drive an older vehicle, here are some red flags for #carrepairs that you’ll want to watch for.

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Water Damage Dangerous for Vehicles!

If your vehicle has been partially, or fully under water, due to a flood or extremely wet conditions, be sure to take the proper precautions before driving it. Being aware of some potential problems will keep you safer and your vehicle running better for the unforeseen future.

Drivers who dismiss all issues related to water damage are bound to find themselves with some major vehicle repairs down the road!

• Check the interior carpets, seats, door and trim panels and other components for dampness. If they seem wet, you should have a professional dry and treat them. Simply letting them dry out on their own, could create mildew and a nasty smell! Seat brackets, motors and modules should also be checked for rust.

• Check the fluid dipsticks for your engine and transmission - if the fluid appears milky, diluted, is no longer its original color or is beige in color, then it is likely the pans contain water. Don’t drive it! Have it towed to a trusted auto repair shop where am ASE-certified technician can check internal parts which may require extensive auto repairs.

• Check the air filter for water. Wet air filters should be replaced. Then, change the motor oil. This will protect your engine components.

• Check your undercarriage, bumpers, radiator area and frame for mud, grass, dirt, debris and rust. Wash and clean them if there is any sign.

• Have your trusted repair shop check the state of your brake system. Check exterior lights for moisture or water. Replace headlights and bulbs that contain water.

• When your engine is running, listen for weird noises. Note where, when and what and take your vehicle to a certified repair technician. Experts say particular attention to the alternator, serpentine belt, starter, power steering unit, air conditioner and wheel bearings.

• Check the suspension joints. They may need lubrication. Always check them for rust.

Allow an ASE-certified technician at your trusted repair shop to inspect your vehicle for potential issues, repair what needs to be repaired and replace what needs to be replaced. It may not seem like some water could create so many issues for your vehicle, but it can! Plus, many of these issues are not visible to the human eye and require a trained professional.

If you’re ready for us to inspect your vehicle, give us a call or make an appointment online. Putting in the precaution today will save you BIG tomorrow. Playing it safe when it comes to your vehicle could save a life!

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Because your #brakes are so important, we offer more than just your routine brake inspection or service. We make sure all components are in excellent condition so you know you’ll be safer in your vehicle.

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Why is it so important to schedule a tune-up? See our reasons why and how it can save you money in the long run.

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Make sure you aren't guilty of doing damage to your car unknowingly by breaking these bad habits.

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How a small business came to love its community

There are certain qualities that make a small business successful within its community. Our small business has grown into something important over the years but at the core of it all has been the one constant that we still take pride in today – service.

We believe that both community service and customer service are what make or break a small business in a competitive market, and our customers have never lost sight of what we were founded on. No matter what awards we win for the business, the recognition for our service to this community will always be the best part of what we do.

What are we most proud of?

We participate in such programs as Packages From Home, Toys for Tots, Grace’s Cottage, Helping Hands for Single Moms, Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida, and St. Mary’s Food Bank. And as for however long our community needs us to support programs such as these, we will continue to make this an integral part of our business.

You don’t become a successful small business owner and business leader without the support and loyalty of your customers and community. Business excellence is born from customer service, business development and community involvement.

As business leaders, we have been fortunate enough to receive the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award. With this, we were recently fortunate enough to have had an opportunity to sit down with Vice President Mike Pence as he toured Phoenix to meet with local business leaders and discuss the topic of tax reform. Why Phoenix? He explained that he was here on the order of President Trump to “to listen to the job creators and to listen to the great leadership in Arizona about the best way to go forward.” It was a privilege to be a part of this conversation.

Stop into our auto repair shop sometime. We’d love to share more with you in regards to our conversations with the Vice President or other business related topics – and of course any questions you may have about your vehicle or car repairs!

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It's not too late to get some last minute work done on your vehicle before the holidays - we are OPEN this Saturday, so call to get an appointment before they are all booked up! #autorepair, #carmaintenance

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Are you too busy this week to get your vehicle in for some #carmaintenance or #autorepairs? No worries - we are OPEN this Saturday! Give us a call to set up your appointment!

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Should you make that repair or not? Take a look at things to consider when you don't know the answer to that question and let us help you get your vehicle back on track.

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Looking at purchasing a used car? Make sure you aren't wasting your money and use a pre-purchase checklist.
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