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It's Doctor Webslinger Now!
Around this time last month, I officially and FINALLY completed my PhD.  My dissertation was accepted without any revisions needed (something I'm told is rather rare).  So I'm now officially Doctor Glen Farrelly - Doctor of Information. I'm in the process n...

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Tips To Improve Written Work for Grad Students
Having worked in post-secondary education for over seven years now, I've become intimately acquainted and vastly disappointed with university students quality of written work. I'm not complaining here about such niceties of writing as avoiding passive voice...

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4D Cinema Now in Canada!
This past weekend I went to the cinema see Dr. Strange with my wife and daughter. Nothing strange about that as I love superhero films and we pretty much see ever one at the cinema. The experience was particularly special as it was the first time I have eve...

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Toronto team “Kid On The Moon” Wins at Global NASA Space Apps Challenge
I have been working with Tanya Oleksuik, who works for a local arts organization in my neighbourhood, on my PhD dissertation research on mobile, locative media. Tanya was part of a team at East End Arts that developed an online, participatory oral history ...

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Inspired By...Map
As part of my research into how people are using geoweb technologies, I've been interviewing users and developers of digital media applications related to place. While searching for innovative projects along this line, I found out about an arts association ...

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Transforming Concrete Jungles Into Rainforests Through Mobile Media
I just found out about an exciting mobile media project occurring this month in New York City in honour of Earth Day. The project, JUNGLE-IZED: A Conversation with Nature , encourages people to use their mobile device to experience the famous Time Square in...

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Locating Overlooked Histories: An Interview with Queerstory Founder
As part of my doctoral research on locative media and its role in our relationship to our places, I interviewed the founders of the locative media app, Queerstory .  Queerstory is Toronto's first LGBTQ geolocative history app and I would argue of the most e...

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Top Posts of 2015
Every year I recount my favourite posts to this blog. I've done it as my favourite post by month or a top ten. This year I'll try something new and do the top ten posts as determined by you readers. I reviewed my site usage records to determine most viewed...

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Art of Complaining - Or Try Some Sugar Instead of Just Vinegar
I know life is unfair and people can be miserable ass hats such that the injustice of life does make one want to complain. Believe me, I am a complainer. My complaining has gotten me some benefits such as rebates and various forms of compensation. So I can ...

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Digital Advent Calendar for Canadians
Over the past three days on Facebook, I've noticed friends posting about Harrowsmith Now's online Advent Calendar .
I finally had a moment to check it out today and was delighted! I love the idea of taking the concept of an advent calendar, putting it onlin...
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