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Neuroscience avout.
Neuroscience avout.

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Books: A God that could be real by Nancy Abrams
About a year ago I entered my e-mail in a giveaway for a book on theLibraryThing web-site. The idea of these give-aways is that you kind of promise to read and review the book in exchange for a free copy. And then I suddenly won a free copy! So I found myse...

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Against economic growth
One thing that really annoys, or maybe even frightens me, is economic growth. Because when growth becomes a goal, and not a means towards a goal, you are dealing with cancer. Not an organism, not a healthy tissue, but a cancerous outgrowth. I'm fine with ch...

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Small linguistic victories
I was talking at the board, describing some imaginary scientist that does some imaginary experiments, and I referred to this scientist as "she". This sure does not sound like an achievement: of course there are women scientists! My science classes are typic...

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On some differences between industry and academia
I was asked about whether there are differences in the "workplace politics" in the corporate world, and in the academia, and whether academic politics is worse than that in the industry. I think the answer is "yes": academic politics is indeed more painful ...

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Cheat sheet for a busy professor
I was asked by a colleague to share some hacks and cheats that make life of a SLAC professor easier. Here's a quick list I came up with: Grading: Challenge every assignment: is it really needed? What purpose does it serve? Would a shorter / easier to grade ...

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Safe spaces
I actually like the idea of safe spaces in college. But not because they allow students to hide from the world; on the contrary, I like them because they offer a training ground. In a way, the only reason we would need safe spaces at all, is because we are ...

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More on scientific bottlenecks
If you think of it, even during "peaceful times" academia is full of bottlenecks. I was on a job market just 3 years ago, and  I remember this feeling very well: you get trained for some 12 years (feels long!), and now you pretty much have 2 years (feels ve...

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Scientific funding
It seems to me that most people don't realize how much science can be hurt by fluctuations in scientific funding. And that's because most people don't realize how slow and vulnerable "scientific process" is. I mean, if I didn't know better, I'd probably ass...

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Diversity statements and academic freedom
Some scholars (?) from Oregon have recently published a manifesto that calls "Diversity statements" that are now required for all newhires in the Oregon State University a violation of academic freedom. Does not it sound curious? Diversity statements violat...

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What is the best possible grade?
What is the best possible grade a student can possibly get in a course? The answer seems to be obvious: it is an "A", or maybe "A+", right? But imagine a student with 4.0 GPA. Would not it mean that this student did not challenge themselves enough? That the...
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