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Setting up Google+ takes time.
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I find that a bottle of 76.40 helps a lot...

A bit of a leap of faith. If G+ gets a decent market share, it will force Facebook to be better, it will bring cool things to my Android phone and it will break Facebooks monopoly, so I really hope it works. I am hoping the end result will be an open system - where the social network provider I choose makes no difference.
[this does no reflect the opinion of my current employer - even though we are getting a decent amount of business off of all the Android phones out there]
Meanwhile... I notice that my posts tend to reveal my home address where facebook never did - though I have a choice not to reveal it if I took the effort. Jello Biafra said, "Give me convenience or give me death." How true, how true.

(This really is an excellent whisky.)
I gave up and put everyone in a "Whatever" circle.
Har du fått ordning på det?
The whole circles thing may sound appealing in theory, but the nuisance of setting it up makes it rather appalling.
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