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sun and wind chimes the south easter tinkles Spring

Welcome +Karen Harvey ... I look fwd to your posts ... :)

dreaming of today's walk curled fur

Welcome +sando kamo11 ... tell us more about yourself ... do you write haiku?

Welcome +Mandy's Poetry ... your combo of images and words looks excellent ... :)

Themed verse (July 15th):

summer afternoon (+Enrique Garrovillo )
tall weeds in the backyard (+Mark Meyer
now crawling up your pants (+Daniel Davila)

Gogyoshi Warming Warmth

a coffee table sculpture
a holy place
to hang one's hat
buddha with a beanie

fried plastic burgers I forget to remove the separators in between

fried plastic burgers I forget to remove the separators in between

Ramblings Past A Rainbow Hiss Of Spray …

On the walk around the block between home and office she stares open mouthed at me, always.

They never cover her up, her metal plate is always missing, and as I have said before the ones they gave her have long since sailed off to China, repeatedly.

Around her is a lush of green, flat leafed, and in between is the moss covering the open spaces.

I guess you could think she is naked but she is not … she has a dignity and a grace …

The men from the city came to fix her, as she was always leaking, but that is why the flat leafed growth is so green, why the moss is a carpet in between …

She is rusty now, exposed as she is to the weather, but that makes her even more beautiful, rust is a Japanese aesthetic along with wood and sand and stone … and water of course.

So, I must say I was sad to see the fix it up men pouring over her, I worried about Nature’s casual art of her being discarded, a reminder of how beautiful this planet is whilst it lasts ...

Hawkins reckons in 250 years we could be Venus if we get to the tipping point of no return … or did he say we would be at 250 C like Venus … ?

We are a species run by mad men, by mad women too, but that may have something to do with what Nietzsche said, that all organisms strive for power.

Perhaps it Is not only us, our cousin chimpanzees can be as malicious, and there is the rooster who wants to be king and every other alpha creature of whatever species trying to do the same thing …

Power is an end in itself, those who get it will not let go, they will want more and more, and those who do not have it will want it more and more too, to have it … and then not let go…

So, I wonder if the global climate change politics is about saving the Planet or about gaining power, power for those who currently do not have it over those who currently have it …

Neither side good, one the lust for power, the other the lust for power, cloaked in noble thoughts and pretends … the problem with hypocrisy is that its chickens always come home to roost, always, inevitably …

So, who knows … ?

It is like human rights, Lucifer squeals about human rights, because God can be a punishing vindictive fella, well at least the Old Testament one, but if good is meant to be good and God happens to be too often merciless, then why, Lucifer has a case he can make and have God’s victims turn to him for support – it can get as ridiculous!?

But where was I … oh, yes, the men did not fix her, today and yesterday and the day before, and now she spouts a fine mist into the air, even if only two or three feet or not quite a yard and perhaps only half a meter high …

This water connection leading into the property on the walkway, she refuses to not be un-wet, to not be covered-up, she will soak herself in her own shallow tub … and green her surroundings even if they are cold hard tar, sterile and seemingly empty, beneath the plant life that grows lush over it …

And why, with the afternoon sun she had her own little rainbow too in her fine hiss of spray at the sky … with a twinkle in her eye …

So, I smile back …

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