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If you're one of those people who haven't turned off automatic sharing on your +1's, could you please either:

1. Stop plussing pro-trump shit. Or,
2. Uncircle me.

Thank you.

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This is what my son got me for my birthday. A print of +Zak Sabbath 's Maze of the Blue Medusa.

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If you're not following +James V West this is one of many reasons you might want to start.
I drew this weeks ago and I've been trying to figure out what to do with it. I wanted to use it for a book cover but at this stage I don't really have an idea that fits it.

Of course there's a very specific reference here, which is why I've had trouble figuring out where to put the image...

I don't do much cross posting, so I always appreciate it when people re-share. So re-share if you like.

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I don't usually get political on G+, but I'll make an exception for this.
We are not going away.  We will not be beaten.

If you support transgender rights, share this image.

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It's going to be a yummy day. Black beans and sausage. The Conecuh is a staple, but the Red Hots are special. A friend brought them to me from out of town. A little company in Mobile makes them from pork. No Chicken! Hard to find, nowadays.

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New LotFP, some Barbarians of Lemuria and the deluge of Black Hack stuff slows down, a bit. Plus, the usual assortement of Goodies!

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A new cool thing from Chris Kutalik, reprints from James Maliszewski, Stone-Age Old School and The Black Hack continues to conquer the OSR. Plus, the usual assortment of new, free and PWYW rpg Loot!

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Ok - Still between jobs and I need to raise some more quick cash. Shipping on Thurs (I might be able to get some things out Wed. morning.) Any payments received after 9:00 AM on Thurs., will ship Friday. Thanks for viewing.

If you want further pics, or info, let me know.

Please use Paypal's "pay for goods & services," option, as it makes my life a little easier.

Shipping to US only. Tracking included.

1. Delving Deeper Box Set - Brave Halfling - $60 includes Priority Shipping. Excellent condition. Never used. Original owner. This is one of the earlier printings and contains the Blackmarsh supplement, but was issued without the map.

2. Judges Guild Lot of 6 Pegasus Magazine 3 - 8. $35 includes Priority Shipping. Light wear, overall, but see below. Most have moderate staple rust, heavier on a couple. #4 has a remainder line in marker at the top, showing a little at the edge of the covers. #8 has about five leaves with chips of material at the corner and edge missing, due to the pages being improperly cut (a few tears and some extra material on a few leaves, as well.) No internal markings. Sound bindings. Overall, a nice, solid set! -

-3. Judges Guild The Book of Treasure Maps III. $14 includes Media Mail. Very light wear. Just a hint of rust on the staples. No internal markings. Sound binding. A nice, crisp copy!

4. Lot of 2 Green Ronin Legions of Hell & Armies of the Abyss d20 $18 includes Media Mail. 3e products. See pics. Very cool art! Erik Mona wrote one of these.

5. U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh AD&D. $15 includes Media Mail. Excellent condition, save for the staple rust (see photo's.)

6. Scarred Lands Gazetteer's Termana & Ghalspad. $20 includes Media Mail. Never used. Very clean, crisp copies of these 3e setting Gazetteer's.

7. ASE #1 Anomalous Subsurface Environment. $15 media mail.Light wear, save for two hard scratch & rub marks on the front, which where present when Lulu shipped this to me. 
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