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Let's see if I can successfully resurrect the blog this time.
Mirror, Mirror - d10 Random Table Logical Madness
Mirror, Mirror - d10 Random Table Logical Madness
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Hello again. My financial hiccups continue and I've got to sell some more things, quickly. I will need payment today on these items via paypal.

I will mail everything out Wednesday, though there is a slight chance of a Tues. or Thurs. mail date instead. All items will be well packaged and protected. I will contact with tracking info when they are mailed.

1. Dwimmermount - Labyrinth Lord Version w/illo book. Purchased by me through the original kickstarter. Leafed through once. In excellent condition.
$39.95 price includes Media Mail. SOLD

2.Lot of 3 Judges Guild modules - Glory Hole Dwarven Mine, Restormel & Broken Tree Inn. Light wear. Broken Tree Inn has somewhat heavy staple rust, the other two have light to moderate rust. No internal markings. Sound, clean copies. The Restormel Map has a couple of tiny nicks and some light fraying at the center fold, but no hole in that area.
$40. Price includes media mail. SOLD

3. Castle Amber, The Isle of Dread and The Lost City. The last is as issued with the three hole punches. Heavy staple rust on The Lost City, light to very light on the other two. No internal markings. Overall, light to moderate wear. Nice, sound copies. Some fraying at the spine end points of the covers, but minimal.
$40. includes Media Mail. SOLD

4. A collection of 11 zines, including Crawl 1-5. See photo. One owner. Read. In very decent shape, no markings. They are zines though, so some of then have lost some crispness due to storage. $20. media mail ship included. SOLD

5.Lankhmar - TSR 1st edition. Light to moderate wear. All components present. No internal markings. Some wear visible at the map folds, but no tears or holes. $20 media mail included. SOLD

6. Armies of the Abyss by Eric Mona and Legions of Hell by Chris Pramas. These are 3e from Green Ronin, but they're pretty cool with some groovy art. Light wear. $18 for the set including media mail.

7. Termana and Ghelspad Gazetteer's. Scarred Lands. More 3e stuff. Very light wear. One of the maps has a few very small wear slits at the folds (they kind of went overboard when folding this one up. I've never used either of these products.) $16 media mail included.

If you would like more photos, let me know.
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For Sale!

It's been a while, but I've got to raise some extra cash quick!
Anything sold will mail out Monday at the latest, possibly Friday but I can't guarantee anything earlier than Monday.

Lot 1: Some DCC Modules - All purchased new by me, very light wear. I think I read one of these and the zine. No markings.
#77 - The Croaking Fane.
#82 -Bride of the Black Manse.
#75 - The Sea Queen Escapes
Lankhmar - Through Ningauble's Cave
Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad #1.
$25. media mail shipping included.

Lot 2
A. Empire of the Petal Throne - Tia's House of Games reprint. Spiral bound with plastic protector on the front. Excellent condition. Purchased new by me and kind of looked through. Includes fold out city map.
B. Maps of Tekumel, reprinted from Swords & Glory #1 - Some edgewear, but fairly crisp. These are NOT great scans. Serviceable, but I can't make out the hex numbers.
C & D. The Man of Gold and Flamesong - 1st printings. VG cond. Moderate wear. Chipping and flecking at the spine corners. Light to moderate spine creasing, light turn on the spines.
No internal markings in any of these.
$28.00 media mail shipping included.

I hope it's ok to list these. Would be of interest to some:

Lot 3- The Scrolls of Lucifer series by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach- All four novels, complete. Hard to Find as a complete set. All are first printings. For the most part, very light wear and VG+ except the first book has a large chip missing on the front and a small one on the back. No internal markings. Very light spine creasing, probably read once.

$20 - media mail included. I'll drop to 15 if purchased with one of the first two lots.

Lot 4 - Xiccarph by Clark Ashton Smith - Ballantine Adult Fantasy 1st print. VG- cond. Some general tip wear, including a very tiny chip on the top outer front corner. Some wear and flecking at the spine corners. A small tear and some scratches on the spine. On a third to a half of the pages, some very faint, hazy ink lines can be discerned near the top, noticeable but legibility is not effected. Printer error of some sort.
$12 media mail included. Will take $8 if purchased with one of the first two lots.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like some more pictures.
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So, my son's Evil Magic User discovered and sneaked his way into the small, hidden dungeon beneath a temple dedicated to an obscure Spider God, located on the Wild Coast. Long forgotten by the priests above, the secret sanctuary below had once been the domain of the sorcery wielding masters of the cult.

After dispatching the guardians hidden therein, he discovered what he thought he was looking for. A sealed, silver door, glowing fiercely with red sigils of protection and binding. Flashes of flame, occasionally erupting from the lines of power traced into the metal.

A radically dismembered mage, the forgotten leader of the cultists, begged for help in achieving a long awaited death as flames licked at the many separate parts of his gore covered mortal coil. With tortuous gasps and whispers, the damned creature told him what lay beyond the door. And that the Bindings had been weakened by their prisoner's decades long attempts to win free, though the efforts exerted were still too paltry, thanks to the inhibition of her powers.

Still, my son's MU was fairly certain that the dark magic he sought was within the sealed room. One of the lost Doctrines of Darkness.

Leaving the cursed mage to whimper in agony, he went back to the fiercely heated door to attempt to dispel the wards.

"Allright. After your conversation with the dismembered mage, you can definitely see where the wards have been strained and made threadbare in places. I'm giving you a 50% chance to finish unraveling them with a Dispel Magic."

"Can I try again if I don't make it?"

"Sure. Next time you level up."


He rolls some ridiculously low number and grins in triumph!

"The door cracks and shatters as the wards disintegrate and stepping out of the doorway, surrounded by smoke and flame..."

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If you're into Norse mythology and language, you may want Dr. Jackson Crawford in your life.
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And the blogging streak continues...
The OSR News - Revival Edition
The OSR News - Revival Edition
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Blogged something.
The Horn of the Edge of Time
The Horn of the Edge of Time
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My son is an evil Magic-User.

I've been running a solo AD&D campaign for him for the past year. Aside from a one shot or two, it's his first foray into RPG gaming. He was 13 when we started.

His first PC was a Dwarven Fighter who died two sessions in. Spider poison. Tough break.

For his second PC, he pulled out an MU we had rolled up. Damn good stats. I decided to put him in Greyhawk and see what happened.

He had originally opted for CN as an alignment. It being his first real game, I wasn't going to give him a hard time about hewing closely to this, figuring that eventually, he would find whatever alignment was right for the PC. This didn't take long.

My son's PC is a Neutral Evil, slippery, clever, backstabbing Wizard.

He alternates between being extremely cautious and brazenly rash and has, thus far, managed to instinctively, almost preternaturally know which trait to exercise.

For several months, he's adventured in and around the Kron hills, making allies in Hommlet and a nearby Dwarven Stronghold. He's also murdered a few gnomes, abandoned several allies when things started looking kind of bad and successfully plundered several well known adventuring sites.

He's 7th level now. Riding the high of getting a real taste of power and fully aware that his PC could die at any time! He's quick to bug out if things head south. A little too quick, really, but he's still alive so success is his proof.

On the other side of the screen, he's DM'ed me through a dungeon he created for practice. Once Band season is over, he's going to DM for some of his friends and run OSRIC for them.

I've offered to run 5e for him, so he can get a look at a more modern game, but thus far, he's not interested. No doubt, this is partly due to my own sensibilities influencing his, but this also fits very well with his wider gaming history. He and his friends are very much into retro video games and those modern games of the more difficult sort. Like Spelunky.

Spelunky is fucking hard. Or, maybe I'm just old. Regardless, it's an unforgiving damn game!

A few months ago he said to me, almost jumping with excitement, "You know dad, when we first started playing I mainly did it because it was something we could do together. But I get it now! I mean I get how cool this is!"

Which will make Christmas present buying kind of easy this year.

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My review of Hubris
Reviews: Hubris - A World of Visceral Adventure
Reviews: Hubris - A World of Visceral Adventure
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