We would like to invite you to brain-storm over the future of testing!

Arquillians are invading Brno these days and by recent measurements,
we have identified a massive talent concentration in testing space.

It doesn't matter what you know about Arquillian,
you can join us and share your ideas or even your dreams about testing.

We will meet at Developer Conference (http://devconf.cz)
in room B203 on Masaryk Univesity Brno to brain-storm over following topics:

Testing client from Java
(how to use GWT development mode to invade page - using Java API for accessing JavaScript)

JavaScript / HTML5
(how to run JavaScript unit tests (QUnit), how to run JavaScript tests from Selenium)

Testing Client/Server in one session
(using Selenium to drive client and use Arquillian to enable test enrichment and lifecycle hooking to let you test integration of client with server painless)

Tooling (JBoss Tools, Forge)
(how to make the development with Arquillian and especially its extensions (Drone, Selenium, mobile emulators, mobiles) as quick as possible)

(how to test performance against your implementation, from inside your application server)

Alternative Services / Service Lifecycle
(what alternative services could be run as services? mobile emulators, selenium server, infinispan server, load balancer, performance testing tool? how the lifecycle could be optimized / customized to reduce memory footprint and make it work in your lab?)
Time Planner: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Arquillian+Hackfest+%23devconf&iso=20120218T09&p1=1960&ah=5

Not in Brno? No need to worry, we will live stream the event and you can follow along and give us your comments on IRC (#jbosstesting at irc.freenode.net).

We would love to hear your use cases and dreams!

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