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Lukáš Fryč commented on a post on Blogger.
Hey John,

thanks for nice introduction to the topic (and also thanks for clarifying the documentation). :-)

Would you propose some changes to @JavaScript interfaces API?

I have seen your tweet:

In fact, Graphene just scans classpath - which seems kinda odd when you are testing javascript directly.

It came to my mind that we could extend lookup this way:
 classpath -> src/main/webapp/ -> classpath/META-INF/resources/ -> src/main/webapp/resources/

Have you noticed any other gotchas/rough-edges?

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Arquillian Graphene 2.0.1.Final released!
Posted by +Lukáš Fryč 

This release is focused on browser interoperability and bug fixes;

* Pëtr Andreev fixed request guards in Internet Explorer <= 9
* +Jiří Locker fixed tests to work on Safari
* +Juraj Huska addressed a flaw in @InFrame functionality

Check out the blog for more info;

Thanks to Pëtr Andreev, +Juraj Huska and +Jiří Locker 

Thanks guys, 2.0.1.Final is a pure community achievement!

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Arquillian Warp 1.0.0.Alpha6 released!
Posted by +Lukáš Fryč 

This release fixes some regressions found in Alpha5.

WildFly Support

We had some problems with enriching the inspections with WildFly.

We've switched our integration tests to run with WildFly 8.0.0.CR1 by default.

Filtering Requests by GET/POST Parameter

As you may notice, Warp didn’t support filtering the requests. Moreover Alpha5 didn't even have a way to get the relevant information from the HttpRequest interface. This is now fixed with Alpha6 

Upgrade to LittleProxy 1.0.0-beta-5 and Netty 4

Warp internally uses LittleProxy (that uses Netty) for request interception and enrichment.

Even though this shouldn't affect you negatively, there might be some regressions.

But on a positive note, we are no longer seeing some intermittent issues (the test got occasionally stuck) after upgraded from LittleProxy 0.5.3.

Read all about it!

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Arquillian Graphene 2.0 - Functional Testing with Elegance
Posted by +Lukáš Fryč 

It’s already been a year since we announced the first alpha release of Graphene 2. Back then the Selenium project had undergone huge changes adopting the WebDriver API. We were excited to explore the new waters to make sure web applications are as easy to test as writing simple unit tests.

We quickly established some objectives for the project which evolved to what we can call Graphene 2.0 today:

* built on top of WebDriver,
* encourage to use/create reusable test abstractions,
* simplify testing of AJAX pages.
* fast development turnaround,

and last but not the least, we wanted to make sure people could use the same features that were part of Graphene 1. Now, one and half year after the Graphene 1.0.0.Final release, we can finally report that we were able to rope in all of the concepts anticipated back then. During this journey we’ve basically touched all APIs and adopted all of the features while leveraging the modern WebDriver API for browser automation.

Graphene now consists of more than 700 commits from 11 code contributors – and that fact leads me to another aspect:

We would like to thank everyone who have been involved with the project so far; early adopters, issue reporters, people who improved documentation and of course people who picked up a ball and contributed the code. You all hardened the project to the shape it is now.

Thank you, you guys rock!

Sounds interesting? If you would like to know more about;

* How Graphene compares to WebDriver?
* What’s so cool about Graphene?
** Best Practices: Page Abstractions
** Testing AJAX
** Dependency Injection
* Learning Graphene
* Support and Compatibility Notes
* Release Details

Please read the full Graphene 2.0.0.Final Release Notes:

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Arquillian Graphene 2.0.0.Alpha5 released!
Posted by +Juraj Huska 

The last step before Beta release brings you a lot of new features.

Highlighted Changes

*  Guard Improvements and Fixes
* Support for parallel browser sessions
* Page Objects can encapsulate their location
* Injecting elements from HTML frames/iframes
* Page Fragments can implement the WebElement interface
* Drone enrichers for Page Fragments and Page Objects
* Introduction of the GrapheneElement
* Introduction of the @FindByJQuery annotation 
* Drone upgraded to 1.2.0.Beta1

With the support of the community, we have recognized that some parts of the API needs to be enhanced to achieve better clarity, readability and consistency. The old parts are deprecated in this release, and will be removed in the upcoming Beta1 release. You can read more about the changes here:

Make sure you catch the full release notes to get all the examples and the full description of the new features:

Thanks to +Lukáš Fryč, +Jan Papoušek, +Karel Piwko and Marek Schmidt for the excellent work! 

On to Beta1!

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+Arquillian Graphene 2 - Request for API Feedback:

We have decided to go with a new annotation for jQuery-style element location.

It will replace @FindBy(jquery= "selector") used previously.

Which one you like?

- other? 

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Arquillian Warp 1.0.0.Alpha3 released!
Posted by +Lukáš Fryč 

Warp Alpha3 is a last stop to Beta releases which brings mainly enhancements and bug fixes. We also have some nice new documentation that describes; where Warp’s place in a space of integration testing, how to start with Warp in your project, what features are supported by Warp API _and few words about _debugging tests and an extension architecture.
The new documentation can be read here "" until it finds it's new life on

Highlighted Enhancements:

* Jacoco Support
* Meaningful Reporting
* JSF Managed Beans Injection

SPI enhancements:

* Independent Bi-directional Communication

Important Bug Fixes:

*  Do not interferre with non-Warp tests

And as usual.. .Read all about it in the release notes:

Special thanks to Aris Tzoumas(@atzoum) and +Jakub Narloch for their help making this release awesome!

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It has taken a while but we now got jbosstools-arquillian up and running at

It is still a bit rough on its edges but now that Snjezana made it integrate
with standard launch configurations it seems appropriate to enroll it in
JBoss Tools upcoming Beta1 release.

Edges found while integrating it is recorded at

Thanks Snjezana and all the +Arquillian's that have given input!
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