Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast for June 18, 2012

John and Jim have a new podcast out this week.  And Jim gets a Japan Baseball Weekly exclusive interview with Matt Murton regarding the "I hate Nohmi" comment.  The interview itself is well worth the listen, then Jim goes on to explain a bit of the behind the scenes happenings in the Tiger media.  Nikkan Sports in the Tokyo area mentioned in the articles I read that the comment was sarcastic, however it sounds as though Daily Sports (the newspaper that basically caters to the Hanshin Tigers) have not been quite as nice to Matt.

The duo discuss the Giants becoming the first Central League team to win inter-league competition since its inception.  (Didn't they say the Giants weren't likely to pull it off last week?)  Much of the discussion is about why the Pacific League is actually stronger overall, backed up with data.

I encourage you all to tune in to another great podcast.
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